Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2561

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2561 – “Chester…”

Sarah’s lifeless eyes finally shone with a gleam of hope.

“Chester, I was wrong, and I have realized my mistakes during this period of time. Since we grew up together, please save me. I don’t want to d*e.”

Sarah burst out in tears as she held the receiver. She would have knelt to beg him if it were not for the glass between them.

Chester simply watched her with indifferent eyes the entire time. His handsome, intricate face was so cold that it was void of warmth.

A minute later, under that gaze, Sarah’s heart turned colder and colder until despair overcame her.

She should not have put too much hope on Chester.

Between Shaun, Rodney, and Chester, only Chester’s coldness was bone-deep.

“Are you done crying?” Chester asked softly. Sarah was not willing to give up, so she pleaded, “Chester, I guarantee you that I’ll leave Australia for a faraway place if you save me. I’ll never go against you guys again.”

“I came here just to make some things clear.” Chester could not be bothered to listen to Sarah’s nagging. “On the day of the court hearing, Thomas said you targeted Charity many times. What did you do to her? How many tricks did you play?”

Sarah was stunned. She looked at the man behind the glass with astonishment.

After what felt like a long moment of silence, she started chuckling in a low voice as if she was crazy. “So you came here specifically for Charity. I never expected this… I really didn’t…”

“Say it.” Chester crossed his legs and reminded her in a calm voice.

“Okay, but if only you get your connections to save me. Removing my d***h sentence works too.” Sarah said, “I know many things.”

Chester chuckled when he heard her, but his handsome face remained cold. “Do you even have the right to negotiate with me?”

“Don’t you want to know about Charity? She really loved you,” Sarah said gently.

“Oh,” Chester replied nonchalantly. “I’m more curious about the answer to some things but not to the extent that I have to know. Your d***h is inevitable. I can’t possibly make Shaun and his family unhappy for your sake. However, I really do hate people discussing terms with me and overestimating themselves. Let me remind you. There are many painful ways to d*e…”

Suddenly, Sarah trembled, and she stared at the man opposite her like he was a demon.

After some time, she gave up.

Since she was destined to d*e, she would not let the living people off as well.

Did Chester not want an answer? In that case, she would tell him everything.

“Okay. I’ll tell you everything.”

Chester adjusted his sitting position and waited quietly. “You said she loved me very much?”

“Charity loved you deeply.”

Sarah was suddenly curious whether her following words would make the cold man lose his composure. “When Charity’s mother brought her along to my family, Thomas and I bullied her a lot in secret. I even had people spread rumors in school about her mother being a mistress so that no one in school would like her. That was why she was always alone until you, Rodney, and Shaun came to my place to play…

“Do you remember? Her leg cramped up when she was swimming in the pool. You were the one who saved her…”

Chester did not say a word.

He had a good memory, and he remembered everything Sarah said.


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