Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2543

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2543 – “I’m not that petty.” Jessica rolled her eyes at Forrest. “No matter what, Stacey saved you. I have nothing to say about you compensating her with two storefronts. After all, your legs are far worthier than the price of two storefronts to me.”

“Wifey, you’re so nice.” Forrest could not hold back upon hearing her words. He went over to k**s her. “My mom even said that I shouldn’t have been saved if she knew we had to compensate with two storefronts. Actually, I find it annoying now as well. I’d rather have gotten hurt.”

Jessica burst out laughing. “You’re right. It would be better not to have a scene of a beauty saving a man when the Childs family is involved. Speaking of this, you should thank me. If it weren’t for me, you would’ve married Stacey and become in-laws with the Childs family. You probably wouldn’t have a peaceful moment.”

“Mm, thank you.” After Forrest spoke, he was embarrassed.

When he thought about it, his decision to marry Stacey back then was too rash.

Jessica smiled. She did not say anything else.

She was deep in thought. The incident involving the Childs family surprised her, and she found it weird.

However, she was a brilliant person. She had a rough idea after thinking about it in her head.

“Don’t take the Childs family’s threat to heart. Isn’t it just my reputation? I didn’t have a good reputation from the start anyway.” After a long time, Jessica spoke nonchalantly.

Forrest’s heart tightened. Jessica acting like this made him feel even sorrier for her.

At the same time, he was determined that he would not let her suffer in the Lynch family.


The next day.

Mr. Childs walked out of a breakfast cafe in a good mood after having breakfast. A Rolls-Royce stopped in front of him.

The window slid down to reveal a cold, pretty face inside the car. The woman wore a pair of sunglasses. Her dark hair rested on her shoulders, and her lipstick was a maple-red color.

“President Childs, let’s have a word.” Jessica took off her sunglasses. Her beautiful eyes looked bottomless.

Mr. Childs was an experienced and knowledgeable elder. However, when he met her gaze, he strangely felt cold as if he was being targeted by a dangerous animal crouching in the dark. His back was even sweating.

The public said that Jessica was not to be pushed around. He had met her once from a distance. She was simply a young woman.

Now that Mr. Childs met her close-up, he realized that his thinking might have been too naive before.

A woman who could manage such a massive corporation as Snow Corporation would never be a simple person.

However, greed made him think that Jessica had come to him to compromise.

After all, a project like that was just a small project for Snow Corporation. A small benefit that slipped from Jessica’s fingers could transform the Childs family entirely.

“That’s just what I wanted.”


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