Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2535

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2535 – Forrest’s eyes nearly softened.

Others saw Jessica as a cold, arrogant person. However, when she was in love with Forrest, she would always put her toughness away and reveal her true self.

To Forrest, that was the most indellible thing about her.

“Am I wrong? No man could compare with you in college,” Forrest said with a low voice. “Other people claimed that my wife wouldn’t listen to me if I found a girlfriend like you.”

Jessica was stunned for a moment before she burst into laughter.

She, too, had heard of such a statement.

She was arrogant and stunning during her college years. Many men were interested in her but did not have the courage to go after her. For those who were courageous enough to go after her, she did not show interest in them either.

However, she was interested in Forrest, a stubborn and boring man who did not know how to say sweet talk.

Humans had always wanted to conquer something, and for her, she just wanted to conquer Forrest, that cold man. In the end, she even risked her life doing so.

“Are you sure your wife won’t listen to you?” She said with a false smile, “You’ve tortured me quite badly. You may look pure on the outside, but you can really torture a woman until she ends up in the hospital. If I had called the police with my injuries as evidence, you could’ve been sentenced.”

“…It was my fault, Wifey. Please have some eggplants.” With an ashen face, Forrest tried to please her and put some eggplants on her plate.

After dinner, Forrest quickly washed the dishes, not letting her touch any of them. He was worried that she would not let him off because of that matter.

However, after finishing his work, Forrest noticed that he did not have a change of clothes. He did not even have the daily necessities.

At the thought of the injured Jessica, he felt too ashamed to get her to shop with him. Hence, he said, “Wifey, I’ll go back to my apartment to bring a change of clothes over.”

“No need.”

Jessica lifted her head lazily off her notebook. “Before we had dinner, I contacted someone to send your clothes and toiletries over.”

Forrest frowned strangely. “Am I considered a kept man?”

“I have your pay card,” Jessica replied with a grin.

Harold said that she was not good at relationships and that she had a poor understanding of men. However, she understood Forrest quite well. “I’ll deduct the money from your card.”

At that moment, Forrest felt less guilty. He did not mind his other half being stronger than him, but it did not mean he could accept eating and staying at Jessica’s place for free. “If you need to buy anything, you can use my pay card. Although I’m not as rich as you, I’ll allow you to spend as you wish.”

“Mm. I’ll definitely do so.”

Jessica closed her laptop. “I’m going to take a bath. Once the stuff has been sent over, you can place it in the cloakroom.”

It did not take long before the doorbell rang.

Forrest opened the door to a middle-aged woman dressed in a female dress uniform walking in. A few other women were standing behind her, holding some men’s clothes.

“Hi. I’m the general manager of Springer Mall. We’re here to send some clothes to Ms. Snow.”

After the middle-aged woman introduced herself, some men’s clothes of his size were brought in set after set. Apart from the suits that he usually wore, there were also casual clothes, pajamas, sleep gowns, shoes, towels, toothbrushes, and men’s skincare products.

Forrest could roughly guess the prices of the products. As soon as the women left, he took out his phone and transferred a large sum of money into the card Jessica was holding.

In any case, he was only spending his own money. It was fine that his wife prepared some clothes and daily necessities for him.

Forrest had never been an aggressive male chauvinist.

On the contrary, he found Jessica very thoughtful.

Considering her thoughtfulness, he felt the need to do something for her.

Therefore, he immediately took out a dryer and helped Jessica dry her hair after her bath.


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