Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2526

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2526 – “We are, but I’ve always had my guard up against their plans.”

Ryan smiled. It could be said that he was the closest to Jessica out of all the relatives of the Snow family. Talking to smart people was easy like that.

In some sense, he and Jessica had always been the people at the top of the food chain. Harold and the others were below them, but they were unaware of that. They thought they could hide their little schemes well. However, it was simply because they were not choosing to expose those schemes and were using each other for benefits.

Some people were just not clear about that.

“Jessica, you’re so talented. Why would Uncle and the rest be worried about you getting deceived by men? Ha, I think they should be worried about themselves so they won’t get tricked by others,” Ryan joked.

“Forget it. To the elders, we’re never as cautious and mature as they are. There’s no need to fight with them over it.”

“You’re right.”


Lynch Corporation.

Forrest did not pay much attention to the news that day. Ever since he arrived at the company, he had focused on finishing his work as quickly as possible. Then, he had to return to Jessica’s place early to cook.


What dish should he make that day?

Forrest, who had not cooked properly in years, took out his phone and downloaded a recipe application.

On the way to a business meeting in the evening, he tapped on a recipe. There was a video. Suddenly, it rang. “Today, Ivan will teach everyone how to make chicken cutlets…”

Forrest was startled. He quickly closed the video.

His secretary, who was driving in front, almost lost his grip on the steering wheel.

Was he hearing things? He actually heard President Lynch learning recipes.

He glanced at Forrest secretly. He had been feeling that President Lynch was acting weird that day. He would hold his phone and look at it many times for no reason. Could he possibly be in a relationship?

Thinking about that, the secretary had the urge to gossip.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Forrest shook the hands of a few contractors he was meeting.

“Sorry for making everyone wait. The road was congested,” Forrest said apologetically.

“It’s okay. We were chatting anyway,” Mr. Hardy said as he smiled.

“What were you guys talking about?” Forrest asked casually after taking his seat.

“It’s about Jessica of Snow Corporation resigning all of a sudden.” Mr. Brenner slapped his t***h and said, “I even bought millions of dollars worth of Snow Corporation’s shares last month. I’m guessing the share price will drop drastically when the market opens tomorrow. The public isn’t optimistic about Carson taking over. Ah, I’ll definitely suffer a loss this time.”

“Many of my friends bought their shares too. My Instagram is filled with complaints now.” Mr. Hardy sighed and said, “I heard that investments have been pulling out this evening. There will surely be a drastic drop. I just don’t understand it. Didn’t Jessica secure her position in Snow Corporation before this? Why is she suddenly resigning? It’s not even a temporary administrative leave.”

“There are rumors that Jason has returned to Snow Corporation, and he wants to support his son to take it over.”


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