Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2525

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2525 – “We went golfing with Director Lennox and met him and his son. You know that Harold has always liked you.”

Jessica gave a noncommittal response.

She knew better than anyone else whether Harold liked her or her identity.

“Mom, don’t spread any news about my marriage for now,” Jessica reminded calmly.

An hour later, Carson heard the news and rushed back. When he saw Jessica, his expression crumpled up. “Sis, why did I hear that you’re resigning? Oh my gosh, this can’t be possible.”

“It’s true. Come to my office in the next few days. I’ll hand over my work to you,”‘ Jessica said indifferently. “You should familiarize yourself with the people in the office as soon as possible, but don’t be too panicked. Dad will come back too. You and Dad will be managing Snow Corporation together.”

Carson widened his eyes in disbelief. “Stop joking around. You’ve only just obtained Snow Corporation after putting in so much effort back then. Are you letting go so easily? Sis, what happened to you? Did you fight with Mom and Dad?”

Jessica did not admit nor deny it. She simply smirked noncommittally. “What’s so good about sitting in this position? I worked like a dog for Snow Corporation. I clocked in early and went back late, yet I keep being questioned by people. I don’t even have any freedom. I’m not even sure whether the pursuers around me like me for who I am or my identity. I’ve figured everything out. Rather than this, I should just step down. I have the company’s shares anyway. It’ll be enough for me to take the dividends every year. I’m tired too, and I haven’t been in good health lately. Carson, you must manage Snow Corporation well in the future.”

Carson was dumbfounded by Jessica’s words. He became flustered. “Sis, don’t go. I’ll talk to Mom and Dad. I can’t do this. The directors aren’t easy opponents, and my abilities are limited…”

He was well aware of his abilities. Ever since he was young, he knew that the company would not fall into his hands as there were Rodney and Jessica. As such, he went through life without putting much effort into his career.

Moreover, it was great that he could relax at work every day, go on dates, get dividends effortlessly, and lead a worry-free life.

“Carson, Mom and Dad have always had high hopes for you. Don’t disappoint them. I’m only a woman, after all. Using Grandpa’s words, women will end up getting married anyway.”

Jessica walked to Carson’s side and patted his shoulder. She said sincerely, “Snow Corporation will be relying on you in the future.”


Carson did not want it. Could he not just have an easy life?


News that Snow Corporation had internal strife soon got out. When evening came, even the news outlets were focused on that issue.

After all, Snow Corporation was one of Australia’s strongest businesses. It had tens of thousands of employees under it. Even a slight movement could affect the business world.

News that Snow Corporation’s president had resigned quickly got on the list of hot searches.

Ryan contacted Jessica soon after. “Are you really resigning? Or is it just an act?”

“Nothing can escape you, indeed.” Jessica smiled. “My parents found out about Forrest and me. They’re worried that Forrest is targeting Snow Corporation, so they made me put on this act. If Forrest passes this test, they’ll accept him.”

“Uncle is overthinking. The Lynch family are prideful people. They won’t have those thoughts at all.” Ryan found it ironic. “Well, they don’t really know Forrest well. You should understand their concerns.”

“That’s why I respect them. Besides, I have my plans too.”

“You’re copying my method, right?” Ryan teased. “I resigned for Freya too previously. It moved her deeply. Forrest and Freya are siblings. Tsk, he’ll be so touched this time as well. You’re even letting Snow Corporation go for his sake. Won’t he definitely fall head over heels for you?”

Jessica was taken aback. “I’ve never thought about that. Firstly, I’ve been too tired these days and I want to have a proper rest. Secondly, I want to train Carson. He can’t keep going on like this. Thirdly, Harold knows that Forrest and I have gotten married. The Lennox father and son won’t let this slide. I’m fine with it, but I’m just afraid they’ll use tricks.”

Ryan was astonished. “Harold? Aren’t you on good terms with him?”


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