Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2521

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2521 – “Dad, I was the one who forced Forrest into the marriage,” Jessica suddenly said. “He didn’t bewitch me.”

Jason laughed in exasperation. “You’re even defending him now. So he didn’t bewitch you, huh? Jessica, I thought you were the most level-headed person in the Snow family. I didn’t think you would handle things emotionally too. Look at you. What potion did he feed you? To be honest, I wasn’t supportive of Freya and Ryan dating. However, Ryan isn’t my son. Everyone thinks that they are truly in love, but now that Forrest has struck up a relationship with you, I’m starting to think that the Lynch family’s goal isn’t that simple.”

Jessica’s brows knitted into a tight frown. “Dad, you’ve really misunderstood. In fact, Forrest and I had known each other since I studied abroad. He was my first love.”

Jason was astonished. However, his expression then grew darker. “Didn’t you say you didn’t date when you were overseas?”

“All of you wanted me to marry Jordan, so why should I tell you that I was in a relationship? For you to look for Forrest?”

Jessica smirked coldly. “I’ve been obeying your wishes all these years, but I’m already a grown-up. Is wanting to get married to a person I love wrong?”

“Why didn’t you say this earlier?” Jason said furiously, “If we had known your first love was Forrest, we wouldn’t have Rodney marry Freya back then.”

“If Rodney didn’t marry Freya, how could I have met Forrest again?” Jessica suddenly said.

This time, it was Jason and Wendy’s turn to be shocked.

It was probably because they could not believe that their daughter had started scheming since way back then, which meant she had used all of them in her plan.

“B*stard, you used everybody.” Jason pushed Wendy aside and slapped Jessica across her face. “End this marriage immediately while no one knows about it yet.”

Jessica stumbled backward from the slap. A hand of hers pressed down on the sofa, and she barely caught her balance after a few seconds. However, half of her face was numb.

“Why should I get a divorce?” She said in a low voice, “Is it me or you who’s in this marriage?”

“What did you say?” Jason pointed at Jessica in disbelief. “A marriage is an affair between two families, not two people. Especially you, because your identity is different. You and Ryan are both the same. I’m about to suspect whether Snow Corporation will become the Lynch family’s in the future.”

“If you have such worries, I can leave Snow Corporation.”

Jessica said with a hint of exhaustion in her voice, “I can hand over the power in my hands, and I won’t meddle in any of Snow Corporation’s matters in the future.”

After being shocked for some time, Jason sneered. “You snatched the position from Rodney previously and even made me, the director, a figurehead. Will you be willing to let go of your power?”

“Believe it or not, I never wanted to snatch this position from anybody. It was simply due to the situation back then. I was the one who got Freya involved with the Snow family, only for Rodney to have wronged her but refused to get a divorce. I didn’t want Forrest to do anything rash. Besides, Rodney was spoiling Sarah too much. I was worried Sarah would covet Snow Corporation after getting married to Rodney, so I made Rodney lose his right as a successor.”

Jessica was calm as she explained, “Now that I’ve achieved what I wanted, and if all of you doubt the Lynch family, I can resign. You’re just over 50 years old anyway, Dad. You can teach Carson hands-on. I know that you and Grandpa didn’t want to hand over Snow Corporation to me at first. You thought that I, as a woman, would have to get married sooner or later. If things went wrong, Snow Corporation would fall into other people’s possession. Therefore, I’m willing to return Snow Corporation to you.”

She raised her head. There was still a red slap mark on her pretty face, but her gaze was as stubborn and arrogant as always.


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