Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2516

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2516 – Forrest was stunned.

After Jessica’s words flashed across his mind, his ears turned red in embarrassment.

Now that he thought about it, he found himself quite shameless.

Although he claimed that he was not interested in her looks, his body said it all. However, he cared about his dignity. How could he say that he was attracted to her body? As such, he had no choice but to shift the blame to her.

“Well…I’ll be careful next time.”

After a long time, he said in embarrassment.

All of a sudden, his attitude had improved, and Jessica could not get used to it. She felt that something about him was off.

She rose to her feet. “I-I’m going to work now.”

Forrest instinctively clutched her wrist. “With your condition, why can’t you just rest at home?”

“No. I need to decide on a project in the meeting today,” Jessica said earnestly. “Snow Corporation has too many subsidiaries and branches. There are too many things I need to deal with. Everyone’s waiting for me.”

“But your health-“

“Since I’m leading the company, I need to bear the responsibility.” A stubborn look washed over Jessica’s pretty face.

Forrest pursed his thin lips. “Let me send you there.”

Jessica darted a complicated glance at him. Her pink lips moved a little, but she did not say anything in the end.

When Jessica went to the door to change her shoes, Forrest opened the shoe rack, took out a pair of sports shoes, and placed them in front of her. “Wear this today.”

Jessica’s pretty face twisted for a moment. “Does this pair match my outfit today?”

As Forrest’s eyes lingered on her skirt, he asked very straightforwardly, “Why wouldn’t it match your outfit?”

With that, he bent over and stuffed her feet into the white sports shoes before she could answer.

Looking at his bent back, Jessica blanked out for a few seconds.

She recalled how painful it was when they did it the first time, and the next day, he personally put on her shoes for her as well.

Just like that, the incident had taken place so long ago. She never thought she would come to see this day again.

Anyway, was she too soft-hearted?

Amid her thoughts, Jessica furrowed her brows.

When Forrest stood up, he saw her expression and thought she was dissatisfied. Hence, he said, “You said you’re in pain. You women just care about your appearances, huh? What’s wrong with wearing a pair of sports shoes to work? They’re nice and comfortable. I noticed there are very few pairs of flats on your shoe rack. Why don’t we go shop for a few pairs of canvas shoes for you?”

“No need. I’ll be fine after a few days.”‘ Jessica rejected his offer. Wearing high heels made one look more elegant, especially for working women.

Forrest asked, “Who knows if you’ll be aching the next day?”


He suddenly hinted at her.

A pink blush suddenly crept up Jessica’s pretty face.

Forrest lowered his head and stole a look at Jessica. After he noticed the pink blush on her face, an improper thought crossed his mind.

He secretly tightened his fists.

“Shut up.” Jessica threw a threatening look at him.

Anyone in the company would be frightened by her gaze, yet Forrest raised his brows in response to that.


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