Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2510

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2510 – Ryan’s gaze deepened. He went over and gave her a k**s. “Be good. Go and have fun with Dani. I’ll talk to your brother for a while. Never mind that your brother has a low EQ, but he’s also prideful. This is so worrying. If I don’t help out, your mom won’t have to think about getting a grandchild in this lifetime.”

“Are you sure my mom won’t be angered to d***h when she finds out?” Freya asked worriedly.

“It takes two to tango in a relationship. If your brother had really let go of the past, he wouldn’t have been single all those years.”

Ryan said with a smile, “One of them is your brother, while the other is my cousin. If it were other people, I wouldn’t even be offering my help.”

“Yes, yes. You have a high EQ. Why don’t you just start a matchmaking company?”

Freya walked away after teasing him. She was too lazy to advise her brother anyway. She was afraid she would d*e from anger.

Ryan took the initiative first. [Forrest, if there are any problems, you can look for my help anytime.]

Forrest, who was racking his brains, went silent when he saw the message. After a moment, he deleted the phrases he painstakingly put together. He simply said: [Your sister is angry.]

Ryan: [Apologize. Soothe her and care for her. Be more proactive. Men shouldn’t put too much emphasis on their pride. Of course, if you don’t like her, just pretend I didn’t say anything.]

Forrest did not say a word as he read the message.

Jessica remained in the bedroom and did not come out for the whole night. Forrest could not enter, so he had no choice but to get a blanket from the guest room and lay on the sofa outside.

The next day, he rolled up his sleeves and started making breakfast after waking up early.

When he was almost done, Jessica finally came out with a cup in her hand. She had changed into a chic French-style blouse and a wine-colored maxi skirt. It showed off her competent and elegant aura in the workplace.

However, Forrest’s brows were knitted into a tight frown after seeing her attire. “Are you going to work today?”


Jessica placed the cup below the water dispenser and poured herself a cup of warm water that was 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

“You… just had stitches yesterday. Are you able to go to work today?” Ahint of disapproval flashed across Forrest’s dark eyes. “It’s okay to delay your work by one day. Don’t take your health lightly.”

Jessica took a few sips of warm water and glanced at him with an astonished gaze. “Are you talking to me?”

“There’s only the both of us here. Could I be talking to the air if not you?” Her sarcastic gaze triggered Forrest.

“Oh, I didn’t think you’d be concerned about my body. The sun must’ve risen from the west today.” Jessica glanced outside the window on purpose. She said indifferently, “Don’t make me remind you about how I sustained my injuries. You, an abuser, saying those words just feels too weird.”

“Yes, it’s all my fault.”

Forrest, who was refuted, stiffened up. In addition to his expressionless face, there was not much sincerity when he was apologizing. It seemed more like a means to brush the matter off.

Jessica glanced at him in disappointment. After finishing the water, she returned to the room to take her bag and left.

Forrest, who was getting a bowl in the kitchen, was stunned. He quickly caught up with long strides. He grabbed her wrist and yanked her to his side.

Jessica felt a tearing pain in a part of her body. Besides, she had a fever yesterday, so her body was frail. After being yanked like that, her body stumbled and she fell on his chest. The bag in her hand fell to the floor too.

“Have breakfast before leaving.” After Forrest spoke, he suddenly noticed Jessica’s brows furrowing tightly. She was biting her lower lip hard. It looked like she was enduring pain.

Forrest was flustered. He realized something. “You… Are you okay? I…”

“Forrest, do you want me d**d?” Jessica withstood the pain and pushed him away. She stood up. “Do you feel uncomfortable if you don’t see me in pain or torture me?”

Forrest’s body stiffened. The grown man was actually at a loss. “I just wanted you to eat breakfast before leaving.”

“But I don’t want to eat the food you made.” Jessica raised her gaze to look at him. He did not understand how much she had looked forward to life after marriage. However, she became afraid. She had to clear those thoughts.

Forrest frowned and met her gaze. In the end, he simply carried her to the chair. “You have to eat even if you don’t want to.”


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