Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2506

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2506 – Ryan found it funny as he watched Freya’s escaping silhouette.

She had many ways of interrogating other people, but she slipped away quicker than a fish when it was her turn to be questioned.


Less than ten minutes into the meal, Forrest put down his utensils. “Dad, Mom, I have some things to do. I’ll be heading out first.”

Everyone was stunned. Mrs. Lynch’s face darkened. “What matters do you have now? You’re heading out every night. Have you gotten a girlfriend without my knowledge?”

Mr. Lynch was about to ask Forrest what work he had. After hearing Mrs. Lynch’s words, he immediately kept quiet and simply waited for his son’s reply.

“That’s right, Brother. Do you have a girlfriend?” Freya asked with glee seeing Forrest stuck in a difficult situation.

“…Mm. I’m in the middle of getting to know her.”

Surprisingly, Forrest came clean about it.

Mrs. Lynch stood up in a flash. Her expression was initially dark, but it seemed to have brightened up at this moment. “Come here. Tell me about her. Where is she from? What’s her job? How old is she? How is her family? Is she pretty? Is her character nice?”

Freya said calmly, “Mom, we’re still in the middle of getting to know each other.”

What he really meant was not to ask anything. They would not get any information if they asked.

“Hm, you’ve been spending many nights outside recently. Are you sleeping with that woman?” Mrs. Lynch was disappointed.

The dining hall immediately went silent. Forrest’s cold face unusually stiffened.

“Ahem.” Freya was shocked by her mother’s words. This woman who was already over 50 years old was quicker to have d***y thoughts than her.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Is your son such a casual person?” Mr. Lynch glared at Mrs. Lynch. “He must’ve only gotten to know her for a few days. Otherwise, why would Forrest agree to marry Stacey previously?”

“That’s right. I was befuddled for a moment.” Mrs. Lynch had a moment of realization.

Forrest was speechless.

From the sound of it, he did sound like a… pretty casual? man

“Mom, I’m leaving.” He could not stand staying here anymore.

“Okay, okay. Go and accompany your girlfriend.” Mrs. Lynch saw Forrest off to the door eagerly. “Bring your girlfriend over when you have time.”

Forrest narrowly escaped.

Since her son was finally in a relationship, Mrs. Lynch was in a good mood. “I think there’s hope this time. It’s rare for your brother to be so eager to go on a date. Look at the girlfriends he dated before. His progress would still be slow even after they had visited our house.”

Freya nodded sheepishly.

She thought there was hope for her brother too, but she heavily suspected that her mother would go crazy after seeing his girlfriend.


8:00 p.m.

Forrest stood at the door. After nervously clenching his hands at the sides of his legs, he pressed the doorbell hard.

The doorbell rang for quite some time, but no one opened the door.

Was Jessica not at home?

Forrest became unsure. He simply knocked on the door with his hand.

He did not know that Jessica had already heard it. She stood behind the door, simply watching Forrest’s figure from the screen on the door.

She did not understand why he was here.

Did he not scold her enough last night that he even came over to continue scolding her?

Jessica truly did not want to fight with Forrest. After getting scolded, she had been lying down the whole day. She still felt unwell.

However, the man at the door would not give up. If he continued knocking on the door, it might disturb the neighbors.

After massaging her temples, Jessica finally opened the door.


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