Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2502

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2502 – Forrest pursed his lips together. After some time, he said, “It’s Jessica’s car.”

“It’s her? When did you two…” Christian was shocked.

He knew Forrest from when they were studying abroad back then. Although they were not in the same course, they had joined the university’s rugby team. Since they were both Australians, they became good friends. After returning to Australia, most of Lynch Corporation’s cases were handed over to Christian to be in charge. He was also one of the witnesses to Forrest and Jessica’s past relationship.

Christian would never forget that on the day Jessica got married, he had accompanied Forrest to drink all night.

Forrest was so drunk and incoherent. Christian even witnessed Forrest, a man, bawling.

After that, Forrest never mentioned that woman again. However, Christian knew that he was thoroughly hurt. Forrest hated Jessica and did not believe in true love or women. That was why he had always been single.

“We’re married.” After seeing Christian’s shocked gaze, Forrest added, “She forced me to.”


Christian was dumbfounded. It was only after some time he said, “It seems like she has never forgotten you too.”

Forrest sneered. “A woman like her simply finds it fun. Maybe she just wants to reminisce about her first love now that she has everything. She doesn’t understand the word ‘fidelity’ at all.”

“It can’t be.”

Christian found his friend stubborn. “It’s just as you said. If Jessica already has everything, what can’t she get? If it isn’t because she still has feelings for you, would she marry you? Please. It’s marriage. You’re rich too. You should know wealthy people are cautious with their marriages. If all she wants is to reminisce about her first love, having s*x with you would be enough. Why would she need to marry you? Besides, she’s much richer than you. If you two really can’t get along in the future, it’ll be her loss.”

Stunned, Forrest pressed his lips together with mixed feelings.

Jessica had said those words last night as well. However, they were in the middle of a fight then, and he did not believe anything she said at all.

Christian added, “In fact, throughout these years, I know you hate her. But if you didn’t love her, why would there be hate? To be honest, she was indeed in the wrong back then. She was the one who said she would take you to meet her parents and get married to you after returning to Australia. Yet, she married another man within a month of her return and was adamant about breaking up with you. However, seeing it from her point of view, she must’ve had her reasons too.”

“Reasons?” Forrest looked at Christian coldly. “If so, did she think of my pain?”

“Forrest, do you think the Snow family would have agreed to you two being together even if Jessica brought you back?” Christian asked. “Back then, Lynch Corporation was too insignificant compared to the Snow family, and they would never have agreed to you and Jessica’s marriage. They would’ve thought that you were trying to climb the social ladder. They may have agreed to Rodney marrying your sister, but that was just a means to drive Sarah away. Besides, the current Snow family doesn’t want to rely on political marriages anymore.”

Forrest was taken aback, and he kept silent.

Maybe it was because he and Jessica had never gone that far into their relationship, so he thought she had kicked him off without hesitation just to advance further.

“To tell you the truth, even if Jessica didn’t break up with you back then, you guys wouldn’t have gotten married because your statuses were too far apart. Dating overseas was another thing because you two had the freedom and naivete to fantasize about everything. Now, we’ve all grown up. Looking back, we were too young and inexperienced. Even if you and Jessica had held on, you would’ve faced the Snow family’s mockery and suppression. With your pride, you wouldn’t have been able to take it. Your parents can’t afford to be embarrassed too.

“Besides, you had to return to inherit Lynch Corporation after graduating. You would be in Melbourne, while Jessica would be in Canberra. Would you have come to Canberra for her? No. The Lynch family didn’t have the ability to do so. Would you have asked Jessica to move to Melbourne for you? That wasn’t possible as well. She’s the favored child. Her parents would never be able to accept her moving from Canberra to a place like Melbourne for marriage. Going to Melbourne herself would’ve been equivalent to cutting off her wings. Melbourne is too small. It wouldn’t have been enough for her to spread her wings.

“Breaking up was the only path you both had when you were in your 20s.”

Forrest was in a daze for some time. It was only around ten seconds, but processing the words in his mind felt like a century-long. “Why haven’t you told me these things before?”

“I thought there was no more possibility between you and Jessica anymore, so I didn’t say anything.”


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