Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2500

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Once Jessica returned to her old house, she texted her secretary to inform her that she would take a day off today and that her secretary could come to look for her at her house if there was anything important.

After a shower, Jessica went back to her bed and slept.

She did not know how long she had slept when she was awakened by the sound of the doorbell.

She sat up with difficulty, only to find that her legs hurt when she bent them. It hurt so much that it felt as though something had tore.

When she finally put on her clothes and walked to the door to open it, she saw her secretary, Luna, and Harold.

Harold was holding some food in one hand and flowers in another. He asked with concern, “Luna said you’re sick, so I came over to visit you. How are you feeling?”

As he was speaking, he stretched out his hand to touch Jessica’s forehead.

“I’m fine.” Jessica shunned him with a frown.

Harold was a little embarrassed with his hand freezing in mid-air. Upon seeing that scene, Luna quickly said, “President Snow, these are some documents I need you to sign urgently.”

“Come in.”

After Jessica tidied her casual clothes, she sat down on the couch.

“You haven’t had breakfast, have you? I’ve brought you some food.” Harold put down the breakfast, which looked bland, on the table.

Jessica threw a look at it. She had an IV infusion with an empty stomach in the wee hours, so her stomach was not feeling too great. She took the porridge and sipped it without pretending.

“Which part of your body doesn’t feel well? Do you need me to call the doctor over?” Harold secretly glanced around. There was no trace of a man living here, and he suspected that Jessica had lied to him last night.

“No need.” Jessica took the documents and started flipping through them. Then, she said with a hoarse voice, “I’ve seen a doctor at the hospital and collected my medicine. Both of you may leave after visiting me. You should get back to work.”

“I just came back, so I don’t have much work. As for you, you need someone to look after you,” Harold said with a soft voice, “By the way, did you catch a cold because of the accident last night? When I called you yesterday, you answered the call but didn’t say anything for a long time. I was very worried.”

Stunned, Jessica looked up and asked, “When was that?”

“Didn’t you pick it up?” A strange look washed over Harold’s face. “Around 10:40 p.m. Weren’t you the one who picked up the call?”

Jessica finally saw the light. It was no wonder Forrest behaved like a madman after he returned home last night. She could roughly piece everything together from what Harold was saying. Harold must have said that he should have sent her home and that he should not have invited her over for dinner, which led to Forrest misunderstanding her.

However, she was rather disappointed. One call was all it took for Forrest to suspect her and even conclude that she had wronged him.

Did Forrest detest her, or did he refuse to believe her?

No matter how she looked at the situation, it was sad.

“My phone was connected to the car through Bluetooth last night, so I didn’t hear anything.” Jessica turned around and looked at Luna. “I think some people took videos of the scene and shared them online last night. Get someone to remove all the videos.”

“Let me check.” As Luna was speaking, she promptly took out her phone and looked into it. “There aren’t any videos. President Snow, could you have mistaken it?”

Jessica was dumbfounded. After taking a look at it, she realized that there really were no videos. However, she recalled that some people had recorded it. Could Forrest have…

She was filled with mixed emotions. Anyhow, it was best for the two of them to take some time to calm down.

After signing the documents, Jessica said straight away, “The two of you carry on with your work. I need to rest.”

“I’ll stay here. You’ve caught a cold, and I’m worried about you at home alone. My cooking isn’t bad,” Harold said with a grin.

“No need. I like peace. What’s more, a part-time worker will be coming over at noon.”

Jessica spoke bluntly and made no pretense of revealing the weariness on her face.


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