Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2494

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2494 – “Alright. I still have something to settle here. I’m going to hang up now.”

Jessica was not in a good mood.

“Which road are you on?” Forrest suddenly asked.

“Western Road…”

“I’m coming.”

The man’s indifferent voice sounded. Jessica, who was holding an umbrella by the roadside, was stunned. However, she was soon startled by a man yelling beside her.

“Why does a woman like you who drives a Bentley have to sink to my level? Mine is just a Santana. Look how much damage you’ve caused to my car. Considering how heavy the rain is, you can compensate me for 20 thousand dollars, and I won’t look into it anymore. Let’s not waste each other’s time.”

It was the young man involved in the car accident tonight. His neck was tattooed, his hair was blonde, and he was chewing some nuts.

“I’ve called the traffic police.” As the rain was getting heavy, Jessica did not feel like discussing it with him anymore. Hence, she opened the door of her car to get in.

“Hey. How dare you?” The young man pulled her impatiently. “It’s so late now. G*d knows how long it’ll take for the police to arrive. I’m in a rush to have supper. That amount of money is just chicken feed for you anyway. What’s more, you’re at fault for driving too fast. Look, my car was rear-ended.”

“My driving was perfectly fine. It was you who suddenly overtook me. I’m innocent.”

Jessica said nonchalantly, “Let’s stop arguing. We should wait for the police to come over and handle this.”

“F*ck. You’re rich, yet you’re such a miser.”

The young man cursed. Coincidentally, many cars were stuck in the area, and quite some drivers stuck their heads out. The man bellowed, “Everyone, look at this Bentley driver. She hit my car but refuses to compensate.”

“Hey, driver of that Bentley. Can’t you compensate him? Considering that you drive a car worth a few million dollars, you must be rich. It is so late at night, and both your cars are blocking the entire road,” a driver passing by yelled.

Some people even started taking out their phones to record the scene to ride on the wave. “Look. A Bentley hit a Santana on Western Road, yet the driver of the Bentley isn’t willing to compensate.”

Jessica gripped the man’s phone and warned, “If you spread rumors online before the police investigate the case, I’ll sue you for slandering me.”

“Oh no, I’m scared. Do you think rich people like you can stop people from saying whatever they want?” the man started shouting.

“Before you decide to do that, take a good look at my car. Since I could afford a car worth a few million dollars, it means I can hire a lawyer.”

Jessica did not want to argue with those people anymore, so she turned around, got in the car, and locked the door.

Five minutes later, the perpetrator called a bunch of his friends over.

Jessica did not get out of her car. She was not so foolish to go head-to-head with them.

Shortly after, a police officer and a representative of the insurance company arrived. Only then did Jessica put on her mask and get out of the car.

The driver had begun to complain to the police, “I put on my signal early, but she sped and hit me. Look at the state of my car.”

“To repair my friend’s car will require tens of thousands of dollars. His insurance isn’t all-inclusive. If this woman refuses to compensate, my friend might as well lie on the road and get run over by other cars.”


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