Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2493

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2493 – Jessica threw a glance at Harold. “I don’t live there anymore.”

Harold’s smile froze. “‘Are you back in the old residence?”


Jessica gave him a one-word reply without explaining further. Then, she turned around and entered the house to bid Chairman Lennox goodbye. “Chairman Lennox, I’m going to head back now. I’ll come again next time.”

“It’s raining heavily. Let Harold send you back,” Chairman Lennox said with a smile as he rose to his feet.

“No need. We’re going in different directions.” After Jessica nodded politely, she took over the servant’s umbrella and left.

With a smile, Chairman Lennox watched Jessica get in the car before he turned around and looked at his son, who was pulling a long face. “You haven’t told Jessica about it, have you? How long do you want to drag this? You’re not young anymore. I heard from Jason a few days ago that his family approves of you being together with Jessica. After all, both our families have known each other well for a long time.

“Jessica… seems to have a boyfriend already.”

Harold clenched his fists and said with mixed feelings.

“Who?” Chairman Lennox was astonished. “I’ve never heard Jason mention it. Could it be a misunderstanding?”

Harold’s eyes darkened. “I’m not sure, but she hinted that through her words.”

Chairman Lennox began to think. “That’s impossible. How can the grandsons of other chairmen compare with you? Jessica can’t possibly be interested in them. What’s more, she usually ignores the young men from the entertainment industry who try to approach her during social functions.”

“Yeah. She has never taken a good look at those handsome young men. I’ve hinted to her over and over again, but she’s been ignoring me.” Harold suddenly said, “Dad, do you think she still thinks about Jordan? Although Jordan fell sick easily, he was handsome. Look, he has been d**d for years, and the Churchill family has been going downhill. Yet, Jessica has been looked after the Churchill family and even arranged for Jordan’s sister to work in Snow Corporation.”

Chairman Lennox darted a profound glance at Harold. “Not necessary. After all, Jordan has been d**d for years. You should try your best. If you can marry Jessica, it’ll greatly benefit the Lennox family. When you become her husband, she’ll inevitably rely on you in the future, especially when she’s pregnant. Women always have to deal with a lot of inconveniences. By then, you can help her manage Snow Corporation, and if you both give birth to a son, my grandson will be the one inheriting Snow Corporation.”

Aglint flashed in Harold’s eyes. “Dad, didn’t Old Master Snow make his will already? Carson’s son will be taking over Snow Corporation in the future.”

“Carson, that i***t?”

Chairman Lennox shook his head. “His mind is on relationships, so he’s not a threat. What’s more, when Jessica gives birth to a child in the future, can she bear to hand over Snow Corporation to Carson’s son? Dream on. If she were merciful, she wouldn’t have snatched the position from Rodney. Old Master Snow knows that the will helps ensure that his family members’ lives will be fine. However, no matter how well Jessica does, she’s still a woman…”

He shot a profound look at his son. “Why was I the first person to help her back then? Firstly, I believe that the Snow family has become the shadow of its former self. Secondly, I did it for your sake. Anyway, she owes us a favor, so when you’re free, invite her over for a meal more often.”

“Dad, I need your help in this matter. She respects you more.”

Harold looked expectantly at his father.

“No rush. Since you said she has a man by her side, why don’t you go and check if he exists?”


In the apartment, the clock on the wall pointed at 10:00 p.m. sharp.

After Forrest came out of the bathroom, he received another call from Jessica. “I got into a car accident. I’ll be back later at night.”

“How did you even get into a car accident? How do you drive?”‘ Forrest’s expression turned grim.


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