Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2492

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2492 – Looking at Forrest’s merciless expression, Stacey was internally annoyed.

Although she was so proactive, he remained indifferent. Did he really dislike her?

Soon, the secretary came in and said politely, “Miss Childs, let me send you back.”

Stacey’s eyes darkened. She held her crutches with one hand and hooked the other hand through the secretary’s arm. Only then did she slowly leave.

When she arrived downstairs, Mrs. Childs asked desperately, “How was it?”

“Don’t you see me being sent out?” At that moment, Stacey burst into tears in spite of herself. “Mom, do you know how badly he criticized me? He nearly called you both snobbish. I beg you not to do that again. Because of you, I had to suffer.”

“Who knew Lynch Corporation would be able to make a comeback?” Mrs. Childs said guiltily, “What’s more, I wasn’t planning on canceling the marriage at first. Forrest was the one who enticed me using his commercial properties. I think he did it intentionally. Did he already know that Lynch Corporation would be able to pull through? He didn’t let us know simply because he’s not interested in you. He’s gone too far. Is he treating us with disdain just because his sister has relations with the executive council?”

“Things wouldn’t have turned out this way if you both weren’t so snobbish.” Stacey was exasperated. “I’m already aware that he’s not into me. I thought of nurturing his feelings for me after we got married.”

“Forget it. Forrest isn’t the only man in this world.” Mrs. Childs became impatient. “We have a decent background. Plus, he has compensated you with two commercial properties. Your social status will rise, and your criteria for your partner will naturally become stricter as well.”

“You don’t even understand what it feels to like someone. I like Forrest, and it has nothing to do with his identity.”

Stacey was particularly exhausted. Why was she born into such a family? Why did she have such parents?


At 9:00 p.m., Forrest returned to his apartment after going out for dinner.

The house was dark. Jessica had yet to return.

Somehow, he was rather unused to it.

He took out his phone to dial Jessica’s number.

When Jessica was chatting with Chairman Lennox’s son in the Lennox family’s house, she saw an incoming call notification. Then, she smiled at Chairman Lennox politely before she stood up and walked to the French window to pick up the call. “Jessica, when are you coming back? Look at the time now. Are you fooling around with other men?”

“I’m talking to an elder…” Jessica frowned in dissatisfaction. She would definitely teach him a lesson for his awful words if she had the chance.

“Let me warn you. You must come back before 10:00 p.m.”

Jessica’s lips parted. Before she could say anything, the call ended.

She looked at the phone screen helplessly. She looked back, only to find Harold standing one meter away without her realizing it.

“What’s the matter? Is there a man urging you to go back?” Harold asked jokingly.

Jessica did not answer his question but glanced at her watch. “It’s quite late. I need to go home.”

“The rain is quite heavy. Let me send you back.” Harold looked at the rain outside. The rainfall was always heavy in the summer. “Coincidentally, I’m planning to go back to sleep. This place is far from the office, so it’s not convenient for me to go to work.”

Previously, Harold and Jessica had bought apartments in the same neighborhood. It was close to Snow Corporation. The land there was worth a fortune.


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