Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2487

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2487 – They were all senior executives of subsidiaries and branches. They were legitimate sons and grandsons carefully selected by the directors of Snow Corporation, so everyone was already relaxed before the meeting even started.

“It’s getting late. Let’s start the meeting now.”

Jessica ignored their gazes and turned on the laptop with a cold and solemn expression.

The meeting lasted until 12:30 p.m.

When Jessica got up, Carson immediately said, “Big Sis, it’s already noon. Let’s go to the cafeteria for lunch together. Why don’t you join us, Harold?”

“Sure.” Harold smiled and got up. He said to Jessica, “It just so happens that there are some matters in Country F that I didn’t get to mention in the meeting earlier.”

Jessica had planned to go straight back to the office, but she could not say anything now.

Carson asked for a private room in the cafeteria, but when they were about to enter, he suddenly received a call. “Oh, my girlfriend is downstairs nowand wants to have lunch with me. I won’t be joining you guys anymore. Jessica, you eat with Harold instead.”

Then, he soon disappeared.

Harold looked at Carson’s back figure and laughed. “Young people are so energetic. He changes girlfriends like they’re clothes.”

“If he spent more of his time on work, the project in his hand would be completed by now.”‘ Jessica rubbed her brows in slight exasperation.

“The project isn’t that urgent. You’re always so focused on work. You have to relax occasionally, or go on a few dates.”

Harold took out a long box from his trouser pocket and handed it over, saying in a joking tone, “I bought you this necklace from Country F. I look forward to our cooperation, President Snow.”

Jessica looked at the box without moving and did not speak.

“It’s not that expensive. It’s just a little gift.” Harold smiled.

“Necklaces from this brand aren’t cheap.” Jessica looked askance at the brand on the box.

“It’s not expensive for me. How many years have we known each other? Do you have to be this polite?” Harold held the teapot and poured her a cup of tea. “Are you free tonight? My father said you haven’t come over for dinner for a long time. He misses you a lot.”

“…Okay, I’ll come over tonight.”

Jessica fell silent and nodded. After all, the reason why she was able to take over Snow Corporation smoothly was largely thanks to Mr. Lennox’s support. “But I really can’t accept this necklace. You should give it to your future girlfriend.”

Harold sighed softly at her words. “Jessica, Jordan passed away many years ago. You can’t stay single forever. Snow Corporation’s development is stable now. Haven’t you ever had thoughts about your love life?”

“How are you so sure that I’m still single?” Jessica suddenly asked.

Harold was stunned. Behind the glasses, his eyes shot to her face. Perhaps it was because he was too shocked or perhaps there was another reason, he did not look away for a long time.

He stared at Jessica for a while.

Jessica calmly accepted his gaze, but one could see the composed look in her eyes.

After a long time, Harold’s lips were pulled into a forced smile. “Don’t joke with me. I know you. You’re the type to live in the office if you could.”

He knew what kind of person she was.

“I’m serious.” Jessica picked up her spoon and said casually, “It’s just that the time isn’t ripe yet.”

Harold’s face could not help but tense up. “Who is it?”

He filtered through the talents in the country who were of the appropriate age but could not seem to find anyone good enough for her. Unless he was from abroad….

However, with the Snow family’s reputation, they would never allow Jessica to find a foreign man.

“Jessica, I admit that you’re very good at your job, but you have too little experience when it comes to relationships. There are too many people in this world who use sweet and flowery words to confuse women. There are countless people who want to cling to you because of your status, so don’t be fooled.” Harold could not sit still. He did not wait so many years just to have this outcome.

“Do I look like a person who’s easily fooled?” Jessica frowned. She did not like being questioned.

“No, but…”


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