Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2483

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2483 – “You know that I’m not good at scrubbing clothes. What if I damage your clothes?” Jessica ignored his anger. She did not have the ability to be a virtuous wife and mother anyway. He might find fault with her if she did a bad job, so it was better not to do it at all. “Also, didn’t you wash my clothes for me when we were abroad? You can just wash them now.”

Forrest’s eyes were round with anger. “That was in the past when I was willing to spoil you. Why should I help you wash your clothes now?”

“I’ve never washed your clothes before. Why should I help you wash them now? I’ll just throw them into the washing machine, then. I don’t need to spoil you.” Jessica locked her bright eyes on him.


Forrest just looked at her expressionlessly for a while. He originally wanted to make things difficult for her and deliberately get her into trouble.

In the end, not only did he fail, but he even made himself angry as well.

“I’ll toss them into the washing machine.” Jessica saw that he did not say anything and picked up the basket again. “By the way, aren’t you taking off your pants?”

Forrest was annoyed by her stare and impulsively took off his pants, throwing them over.

Jessica did not leave. Her eyes fell on his lower body. “There’s one more garment.”


It was the only article of clothing left on him.

No matter how indifferent Forrest’s handsome face was, he suddenly turned red from Jessica’s stare. “I’ll hand-wash it.”


Jessica took a look at his suddenly blushing face and turned around. She walked out of the bathroom while forcing her lips not to curl up.

She did not expect that a 30-year-old man would still be as easily shy as in the past.

When Forrest came out of the shower, Jessica was working in the study. He washed his boxers and hung them on the balcony of the second bedroom. There was also a row of black and light yellow s**y women’s undergarments hanging there.

The light yellow set was the one he had personally ripped off last night.

Forrest suddenly had the urge to take a shower again.


The washing machine stopped.

Forrest glanced at the closed study door outside and shouted, “Jessica Snow, the clothes are done washing. Hurry up and dry them.”

The study door soon opened, but Jessica did not walk over. Instead, she stood by the door and said, “Dry them yourself. All the clothes inside are yours.”

Forrest was stunned. Upon opening the washing machine, he saw that only his clothes were inside. “Where are yours?’

“My clothes can’t be tumble-washed. I’ll bring them to the dry cleaners tomorrow,” Jessica explained airily.

Forrest felt his blood-pressure spike. “Why didn’t you say so earlier? My clothes are also very expensive. Your clothes aren’t the only ones that need to be dry-washed. Mine too!”

“You didn’t say that yours had to be dry-washed.” Jessica smiled. “Besides, you agreed to throw them into the washing machine.”

Forrest laughed in anger. “Jessica Snow, you’re very competent as my wife, aren’t you? You dry-wash your own clothes but treat my own clothes so casually. Is this what you mean by liking me?”

Jessica leaned by the door and raised her brows very calmly. “I’m naturally very willing to be a good wife, but after we got married, you haven’t given me any living expenses. I’ll have to pay the fee with my own money if I take your clothes for dry-cleaning. Even a few suits will cost a couple hundred. Are you planning to leech off me?”

Forrest narrowed his eyes. He knew that she was snubbing him. However, as a man, there was nothing else he could do. “Of course not.”

“Exactly.”‘ Jessica put her hand out. “If you want me to send your clothes to the dry cleaners from now on, then hand over your card. I’ll be responsible for buying groceries, and it also costs money to hire cleaning staff. Oh, I know you don’t eat at home often, but you’re not going to be stingy with this bit of money, right?”


Forrest stared at her for a long while in suffocating annoyance. In the end, he pulled out a card from his wallet and handed it to her with an unpleasant expression.


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