Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2481

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Forrest’s temples throbbed. He suddenly felt as if he had shot himself in the foot. “Even if I don’t accept you, I’m not in the habit of being cuckolded because I find that d***y. Do you understand?”

Although Jessica was used to his coldness, she was, nevertheless, hurt once again. She lowered her eyes and did not speak.

With the moonlight falling on her, her slender body looked a little thin.

Annoyed, Forrest undid a few buttons on his shirt. “In any case, you’re not allowed to dress like this again when you’re out running.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t cuckold you.” Jessica suddenly revealed a faint smile. “If I end up in danger one day, I’d rather k**l myself than disgrace you, my husband.”

“Jessica Snow…”

Forrest was somewhat annoyed by her stubbornness.

Jessica put her headphones back on, lowered her head, and ran past him.

Forrest grabbed her arm and ordered, “You’re coming home with me.”

The man was strong, so Jessica was no match for him. He dragged body forcefully as they walked towards Yancey Residence.

The two people did not share a single word along the way.

When they entered the elevator, a middle-aged woman who lived upstairs caught up with them.

The woman looked at Forrest and then at Jessica before she suddenly laughed. “You finally found a girlfriend?”

Forrest turned his head over to look and remembered that the woman was his upstairs neighbor. They often bumped into each other when going to work in the morning and would chat occasionally. The woman also mentioned that she had a niece at home who was single and that she could introduce them to each other…

He glanced at the woman beside him and was hesitant about what to say when Jessica smiled. “We’re married.”

“Oh, so soon? Congratulations!” The woman was startled for a moment before she grinned. “You two look so affectionate. You’re even holding hands.”


Forrest looked down at his hand and realized that he had been holding onto her since they were at the park.

A hint of embarrassment flashed on his handsome face, and he immediately withdrew his hand subconsciously.

When the woman saw that, she laughed. “The young man is still quite shy. Don’t worry. I’ve seen my fair share of lovers in my day.”


When the elevator opened, Forrest hurriedly walked out with his long legs.

Jessica smiled at the woman politely and then followed him.

After entering the house, her smile slipped away, and she went straight to the bedroom.

Seeing her cold attitude, Forrest became somewhat unhappy. He said offhandedly, “Who said you could tell others that we’re married?”

Jessica turned around. Under the light, the man’s stiff face looked like he was deliberately picking a fight.

Even saints had a temper.

Jessica felt like she might have been too accommodating to him recently. “I don’t want to argue with you now, so the person standing in front of you right now isn’t Jessica Snow but Snow Corporation’s President Snow.”

Forrest was stunned and suddenly understood what she meant.

It meant that she was now Jessica Snow. He should be polite to her, or it would be easy for her to crush Lynch Corporation.

Inch by inch, his handsome face darkened.

Jessica had run a few laps around the park and was quite tired now. “Forrest, you always act like a hedgehog when you’re with me, covered in thorns. You’ve worked an entire day too. Aren’t you tired?”

After saying that, she turned around, took two steps, and looked back again. “Let me give you a reminder. Men who are always angry age quicker too.”

This time, she went straight into the bedroom.

Forrest’s lips twitched in fury.


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