Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2468

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2468 – Secretary Wilks was shocked when he heard this. “President Lynch, Secretary Childs did save your life, but according to the company’s history of work-related injuries, the maximum compensation is only one million. The potential for appreciation for the storefronts at Starway Avenue is very high. Assets worth tens of millions now would probably be worth hundreds of millions in the future. There are still many uncertainties about Lynch Corporation’s future, so there’s really no need to use them as compensation.”

“Stacey is the precious daughter of the Childs family. If the compensation is merely according to the previous standard or just doubled, the Childs family might not be satisfied. Even if they were to agree, after Lynch Corporation gets through this hurdle, the Childs family will use it as an excuse to push for the marriage again.”

Forrest explained patiently, “The compensation is indeed exorbitant, but with this, I won’t owe Stacey anything anymore even if there are scars on her leg.”

Secretary Wilks still complained bitterly, “She only fractured her leg, but she’s getting storefronts worth tens of millions in compensation. If I had known, I’d have followed you that day. If I was the one who saved you, I wouldn’t ask for more compensation. A couple hundred thousand dollars would be enough.”

Forrest was quiet the entire time, and the corners of his mouth could not be raised into a smile at all.

His heart hurt too. His heart hurt more than anyone else’s.

However, when Stacey was hospitalized, the Childs family acted as if they would never give up until he married her.

Now, if he did not put down some of his hard-earned capital, the Childs family might not necessarily agree to cancel the engagement. Maybe the Childs family would wait until Lynch Corporation overcame the crisis to make their move again. If Lynch Corporation fell, the Childs family would just deny the engagement. If Lynch Corporation succeeded in overcoming the hurdle, the Childs family would definitely not just forget about the matter.

If he had known earlier, he would have preferred to be crushed by the glass. At least, he would not have to marry Stacey and be forced into this situation by Jessica.

Forrest secretly swore that he would never let a woman save him in the future.

The losses were too great.

After all, he had planned on using those two storefronts as Freya’s dowry.

After settling this matter, Forrest contacted Jessica again. However, he did not speak even when the call connected.

His handsome face was full of embarrassment. He even angrily scolded Jessica that day, but now, he could only bow his head. It was too humiliating.

“Do you agree?”

Fortunately, Jessica had already guessed his intentions. “Then bring your documents to the registry office to get a license with me tomorrow.”

Forrest was stunned and then frowned. “Are you sure? Do your parents know about this?”

“Do yours?” Jessica retorted.

Forrest was silent.

If he told his parents, they would never agree.

To his parents, their children were the most important. The company was secondary.

“If our parents find out, they won’t agree to it anytime soon.” Jessica knew that very well. She also did not want to spend too much time at the beginning dealing with their parents. Forrest was resistant against her now, so it was useless no matter how much effort she spent. It was better to tie him to her side first. Later, when Forrest accepted her, she was willing to make the effort to get along with Mr. and Mrs. Lynch.

Forrest gritted his teeth. “Since you know your parents won’t agree, why do you still want to force me? Are there no other men in the world?”

“…Those other men aren’t you.” Jessica’s warm voice suddenly sounded after a moment of silence.


Forrest’s cold heart seemed to skip a beat.

He gripped the phone fiercely.

D**n it.

He could not be bewitched by this woman so easily like before.

He laughed mockingly. “Everyone knows how to say words like that.”

Jessica did not continue to bicker with him. “Nine a.m. tomorrow. I’ll wait for you.”

Then, she hung up.

Forrest’s tall body seemed to be enveloped by low pressure.


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