Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2453

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2453 – “President Lynch, I’m sorry. There has been a lot of stock in the factory lately, and we don’t have the space for now. That’s why-“

“Aren’t you worried that confusion will arise when it comes to moving the stock?” Forrest said frostily, “What did I tell you back then? Glass factories have safety hazards. As a manager, not only do you need to ensure good production, but you also need to guarantee everyone’s safety. Although the employees of the factory are responsible for their negligence, you are to blame as well. Since you can’t guarantee the company’s safety, I doubt your ability.”

Manager Woodward’s face paled.

“When you go back, hand over your work to someone else. You’ll be transferred to the production department for the time being.” Forrest gave the order grimly. “Any objections?”


Manager Woodward would not be so foolish as to talk back to Forrest because he would be in trouble if he lost his job.

What was more, he dared not imagine what the consequences would be if Forrest were the one who was injured today. He might have lost his job.

“Ah. It hurts so badly…”

All of a sudden, Stacey, who was lying at the side, cried out miserably while suppressing her pain.

“Hang in there. There’s quite a lot of glass on your legs.”

The nurse at the side used tweezers to pick up the glass shards. “Can both of you hold her down and stop her from moving around?”

At the sight of Stacey’s miserable look, Manager Woodward felt upset and extremely guilty.

When he lifted his head and saw Forrest holding Stacey down impassively, his mouth twitched.

After all, the woman sacrificed her life to save Forrest, yet Forrest’s expression remained cold. He really showed no sympathy for her at all.

He could at least offer her some consolation at a time like that.

Nevertheless, Forrest stiffened without saying a word. All he did was purse his thin lips grimly as Stacey held his hand.

When they arrived at the hospital, Forrest gave a call to the office and had the human resources department get in touch with Stacey’s emergency contact.

An hour later, Stacey came out of the emergency room. The nurse had helped her change her previously bloodstained shirt into a set of clean clothes. However, her originally translucent cheeks were pale, and her legs and hands were all bandaged.

“Stacey, how did you get injured?”

A middle-aged couple suddenly ran in through the door. They were dressed luxuriously and wearing a branded, expensive-looking watch.

As soon as the middle-aged woman caught sight of Stacey, her eyes reddened. “What on earth happened at work?”

Forrest frowned. He recalled meeting the middle-aged couple during the banquet last year. It seemed like the man was an investment company’s president whose last name was Childs.

“President Childs, it turns out that Assistant Childs is your daughter.” Forrest’s face tensed up, and he said apologetically, “I’m very sorry. An accident happened when I took Assistant Childs to the industrial park for an inspection. As the glass was falling onto me, Assistant Childs pushed me away in time, but the glass fell and injured her instead.”

President Childs raised his hand without saying anything to Forrest. Then, he turned his eyes sorrowfully to the doctor at the side. “How’s my daughter?”

“Her right leg is fractured.” The doctor flipped open the medical record. “Other injuries are just minor, but… there are quite a lot of injuries on her leg. Some parts need stitches, so there are bound to be scars. Having said that, the medical aesthetics field is very advanced these days. There are still ways of removing the scars.”


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