Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2435

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2435 – “Whatever.”

Rodney’s heart skipped a beat, but he began to laugh sarcastically. “If you want to put me in trouble by shifting the blame to me, there’s nothing I can say.”

At the sight of her biological brother’s expression, Jessica turned around bitterly.

Rodney was an utter disappointment.

He was totally hopeless.

Ryan nodded. “You can choose not to admit it, but we can’t take the risk. You know too much.”

After that, he shot a look at the doctor behind him.

The doctor put down the kit and opened it to take out a syringe.

“What are you trying to do?” The sight of the scene frightened Rodney, and he struggled madly. “Let me go. Jessica, hurry up and untie me. Are you really planning to k**l me?”

With her back facing Rodney, Jessica sat as still as a statue.

“Rodney, we’ve never thought of k*****g you.” Ryan fixed his gaze on Rodney, feeling disheartened. “Don’t worry. After this injection, you’ll forget all those unhappy memories. You’ll be carefree.”

Having finally grasped the situation, Rodney grew angrier. “What gives you the right to take my memories away? I don’t want to forget them.”

Rodney struggled so hard that his arms hurt. However, he had no choice but to plead. “Ryan, you can’t do this. I’m your cousin. How about this? If you let me off, I promise not to turn against you anymore. It was my mistake this time. It was very inconsiderate of me.”

Deep down, Ryan sighed. He might be swayed if Rodney continued to criticize and hate him.

The scariest part was that Rodney was going all out to conceal his hatred.

He was already like a viper. If Ryan let Rodney off again because he was not aggressive enough, Rodney would spring out from the bush to bite him.

“I’m sorry, but I won’t trust you anymore.”

Ryan waved his hand.

The doctor held the syringe and approached Rodney. A few other people came to hold down Rodney, who was struggling hysterically.

“Ryan, you’ll be cursed with a horrible d***h.” Rodney’s piercing gaze was like a viper’s, filled with hatred. “The worst thing that happened to me in this life was having you as my cousin. Karma will hit you sooner or later. I hope that Freya cuckolds you and that you shameless couple will d*e a horrible d***h.”

Ryan’s temples twitched. “Rodney, I’m telling you one last time. Freya and I have done you no wrong. We’re innocent. I know you will never listen to me, no matter how much I explain myself. You may hate Sarah, but you’ve also turned into this person who is very much similar to her. You shouldn’t always find fault with other people. Instead, you should reflect on yourself to see what you’ve done wrong.

“You were the one who didn’t cherish Freya and Dani. Please don’t think that you’ve suffered the most in this world. Think about why your parents and grandfather, who love you most, aren’t taking your side.

“Why did your best buddies and friends stay away from you? I beg you to please reflect on your behavior.

“Look at your sister and Carson. They, too, are heartbroken to see that you’ve turned into this person. There are still many people who love you, so you don’t have to be afraid about your future. Your family will protect you.”

With that, the needle went into Rodney’s arm, and his eyes widened.

Tears poured out of his attractive eyes.

Probably because he knew that he was going to lose his memories, the scenes of his memories flashed across his mind clearly like a movie.

At that moment, Rodney thought through many things. He thought about Shaun, Chester, Sarah, Freya, Dani, his parents, and grandfather…

He thought about many people. Just as he was trying to keep hold of those memories, he began to feel dizzy.

Soon, he could not endure it anymore.

He was then given a warm embrace around his head.

Jessica’s soft voice sounded beside his ear. “Rodney, you can sleep peacefully. I promise you that I’ll protect you like how I did when you were young. You’re forever my closest brother. Although you’ve gone astray, I’ll keep you company in the future and stop you from going down the wrong path.”



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