Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2431

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2431 – “Two years…”

Freya muttered. At that time, she would be 28. It was not too early nor late.

“Darling, it’s considered late. You won’t look pretty when you become the bride if you wait for too long.” Ryan squeezed her hand softly. “Since you’ve never been a bride, don’t you want to try being one? Look, even Shaun and Catherine are planning to hold a wedding.”

Freya was stunned.

That was true. She was once married, yet she had never been a bride.

At this thought, she was slightly swayed.

“But… I might want to marry you in less than two years.” Freya blinked and draped her arms on his shoulders.

“That’s wonderful.” Ryan said with a smirk, “Come on. I’m waiting for you to propose to me.”


Freya was dazed. When she came to her senses, she was so angry that she punched his chest. “Ryan, I’ll refuse to marry you if you’re like this!”

He had gone too far. How shameless of him to ask a woman to propose to him.

Dani noticed her mother hitting Ryan. She learned from Freya and lifted her fist, giving Ryan a punch.

“Hey. Don’t learn from your mom, Dani. She’s too fierce.” Ryan promptly hugged his two darlings and soothed them.

“Fine. It turns out that you think I’m fierce. I’m going to ignore you.”

With that, Freya feigned annoyance and was about to leave.

Ryan grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her on the lips. “Although you’re fierce, I still love you a lot.”

At the sight of the scene, Dani leaned forward to k**s her mother.

“Don’t do this in front of the child.” Freya glared at Ryan embarrassedly.

“Dani should get used to it. I can’t help it since I, her father, love her mother so much,” Ryan cooed while hugging Freya.

At that moment, Freya felt as though her heart was doused in honey. “Will your uncle and his family approve of you being Dani’s father?”

“Once I marry you, they’ll have no choice but to approve of it,” Ryan said with a grin. “What’s more, I’m their biological nephew. After we get married in the future, Dani will have to call me ‘Dad’ anyway.”


Freya did not say a word. She felt that it would not be easy to settle this issue. After all, Jason had given Dani quite a lot of Snow Corporation’s shares.

Upon noticing that she had gone silent, Ryan leaned forward and said in her ear with a low voice, “In the past, we didn’t mind Dani interacting with Rodney. But … after this incident, we know that Rodney has bad intentions. This time, he nearly did something that put the country at stake. Dani will definitely be upset about it when she grows up and matures in the future, so don’t ever mention in front of her that Rodney is her biological father.”

Freya’s lips parted a little.

Her head seemed to have exploded.

She was under the impression that Rodney had just slandered her and Ryan’s family on the internet. What other terrifying things had Rodney done?

He was probably not just mentally ill.

Even if he did not think for himself, did he not think for his parents and daughter as well?

Fortunately, his biological uncle was the prime minister. If it had been someone else…

Freya dared not imagine things further.

No wonder Ryan said that they must not let Dani know that Rodney was her biological father.

If Dani discovered that she had such a father after she grew up, she would be deeply ashamed.

When Ryan noticed that Freya suddenly fell quiet, he stretched out his hand and embraced her. “Don’t overthink things. I’ll always stay by your side.”



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