Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2428

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2428 – In the living room, Mr. Lynch, Mrs. Lynch, and Forrest were present. Mr. Lynch’s expression was pretty gentle, while Forrest had a hardened face that was cold and expressionless.

Ryan did not take it too seriously. His future brother-in-law had always had that expression anyway. He had never seen him smiling.

“Mr. Lynch, Mrs. Lynch, I’m sorry. I’ve caused a lot of trouble to you two during these two days.” The first thing Ryan did after entering was apologize. “However, I truly love Freya. Our parents are no longer against us. I hope both of you will allow Freya and me to be in a relationship.”

Mr. Lynch let out a harrumph on purpose. “Even if we disagree, aren’t you two already dating? My daughter ran out immediately after hearing the sound of the car. She’s been waiting for you all day.”

Freya, who was exposed so soon, blushed and glared at her father in frustration. She stomped her feet. “Dad… It’s just because I’m touched. He even resigned from his job for me…”

“Ryan, did you really resign?” Mrs. Lynch asked as she thought it was a pity. “It was such a good job.”

“The job is good, but I’m still too young. I want to settle down, learn more things, and get my Ph.D. After that, I’ll apply for a postdoctoral position,” Ryan explained while smiling. “Besides…I’ll have more time to be with Freya and Dani. Although we were dating before, I was too busy. Even meeting once a week was difficult.”

Mr. Lynch nodded. “That’s right. Young people should rest more often, but you can’t just keep being engrossed in dating. Since both of you have decided to be together, you should date properly. Being able to come this far wasn’t easy. You two should cherish this.”

“I will. I love Freya a lot.”

Ryan held Freya’s hand tight as he spoke.

Doing that in front of her parents made Freya’s face flush red. However, she did not break free from his hold. She found it sweet as if she had eaten honey.

Looking at their interaction, Mr. and Mrs. Lynch exchanged a glance. They had no choice. They could see that their daughter truly liked Ryan. She was not even like that when she was married to Rodney before this.

However, they could understand it. Ryan was indeed outstanding. What was more precious was the courage he had to be with their daughter.

Besides, Ryan and Freya were only dating. They did not need to overthink.

“What happened to Rodney?” Forrest, who had kept quiet all along, suddenly spoke. “He won’t continue appearing and making a fuss, right? Also, he discredited my sister in public. The Snow family should explain this.”

Upon hearing that, even Freya turned her full attention to Ryan.

“He…” Ryan pondered for a moment. “The things he did this time involved complicated matters. He’ll be given a different punishment. I can guarantee that he won’t have the chance to discredit anybody else anymore.”

Listening to Ryan’s words, the Lynch family members were all wise people who understood.

Mr. Lynch nodded his head. “Rodney is too evil. If this issue is handled too lightly, it’ll only make others think that the prime minister’s office can simply be challenged.”

“I don’t know much about those things, but I don’t want to see him have an easy life since he has hurt my daughter repeatedly,” Mrs. Lynch said furiously. “I don’t wish to deal with your aunt’s family again. I can no longer like that family.”

Ryan glanced at Forrest instinctively when he heard that.

Forrest’s body tensed. He asked expressionlessly, “Why are you looking at me?”


Ryan was speechless. ‘Don’t you know why I’m looking at you?’

Fine. Jessica was quite pitiful. The man here had not gotten her back yet, but her future mother-in-law was already not fond of her.

“Mrs. Lynch, actually, my aunt and the others weren’t aware of the things Rodney had done. My uncle even locked Rodney up in the Snow family’s hall a few days ago. Rodney ran out on his own,” Ryan said. “It was Jessica who caught him back today. They know this incident has caused Freya huge harm and allowed us to decide on the punishment.”

“Ryan, I understand your meaning. We’re not unreasonable people either. However, it’s impossible to say that we don’t feel revolted at all. Rodney becoming this way must be related to his parents’ method of education. Besides, I feel uncomfortable. With their son’s poor attitude, why did they insist on persuading my daughter to get married to him? It’s like she had gotten married to some chewing gum.”

Mrs. Lynch sighed and said, “Whiel Dani can decide for herself after she grows up, we, including Freya, no longer wish to deal with that family.”

Forrest lowered his gaze. The expression on his cold face was indescribable.


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