Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2420

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2420 – “I don’t think you guys should take pity on Freya first. The rich’s circle is too dark. Most of the time, the truth isn’t as simple as it seems.”

“That’s true too.”

Conversations like that were being discussed in every corner of Australia.

When it was 9:30 a.m., a netizen whose user ID was ‘The Current President of Jackson Food Group” posted on the public platform. [I’ve been following the online discussion involving Freya since last night. Even though it happened a long time ago, I feel the need to stand up for Freya.

[I was Freya’s first love. We knew each other at university.

[Freya is a wonderful girl. Unfortunately, I was too blind to realize it back then. Because of my childhood sweetheart, I hurt Freya over and over again.

[On the day I decided to meet her parents to discuss our marriage, I even stood her family up because of another woman.

[Later, she broke up with me.

[A lot of things have happened between us, and we’ve had our share of unpleasant times.

[But only later did it hit me that I never cherished my relationship with her.

[During the three years we were in a relationship, I wasn’t with her when she was sick. When we went shopping, my childhood sweetheart would always tag along.

[Looking back, I was so foolish and selfish.

[Freya is really wonderful. As her first love, I believe no one knows her better than I do. Although the Lynch family is nothing compared to the Snow family, Freya’s parents and brother pampered her since she was young. They always showered her with love. She’s optimistic, kind, generous, loyal in relationships, enthusiastic, and daring.

[Although she might be a little too straightforward sometimes, which can easily hurt someone, she has never meant it.

[I don’t understand why Rodney would use such words to hurt his wife, who has given him a child.

[Justice will prevail, and I believe Rodney knows what kind of person Freya is. However, if he wants to slander his wife, there is nothing we can do.

[All I can say is that the Freya I know has a sense of morality. She would never flirt with other men when she was married.

[Not to mention in a marriage, but I always gave her the cold shoulder when we were in a relationship. I also spent very little time with her, but she never flirted with other men. All she did was s*****w her grievance.

[As a diligent, optimistic woman, she doesn’t deserve to be slandered this way.

[Her life and relationship shouldn’t be so rough.

[This is all I can do for her.

[My name is Patrick Jackson. If you don’t believe me, you can look into the matter. Everything I said is true.]

Not many people followed Patrick. However, given that the matter involved Freya, the netizens immediately directed their attention to Patrick.

The netizens looked into it right away. Sure enough, a photo of Freya and Patrick in the first flush of love was posted shortly. Even Patrick’s past was dug up.

[I can attest that Freya and Patrick were university mates. When they were in a relationship, they were a well-matched couple at our university.

[I remember it now. Freya was the one who went after Patrick of her own accord, but Patrick was indifferent to her. I heard that they broke up later, and Patrick got together with his childhood sweetheart.]

[That childhood sweetheart of his isn’t any better. She has now married an old man. I heard Patrick was the one who cheated on Freya back then.]

[Wow. It seems like Freya is really pitiful. Her first relationship and marriage were both terrible. Now that she can finally start afresh, her ex-husband jumps out and decides to tarnish her name.]


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