Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2419

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2419 – “When something happened to Sarah, you accused Freya of kidnapping her and even phoned us angrily.

“When you divorced Freya, you fought her for the child. You claimed that Sarah couldn’t get pregnant, so you wanted Freya’s child to make up for it. Are you even a human?

“Ever since you both got a divorce, you’ve never given her any alimony. Even so, she didn’t stop you from seeing Dani. However, I can count the number of times you came to see Dani.

“After you saw through Sarah, you wanted to get back together with my daughter, but she refused to be with you. She has started afresh, and you tarnished her name.

“I have never, in my entire life, seen such a vicious man like you.

“I won’t let you bully my daughter again. It is her bad luck for having married you.

“My daughter used to work in your company, but you bullied her and accused her of plagiarism. We may not have brought up those issues, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about them.

“When you call someone a bully, you need to reflect on yourself to see who the real bully is.”

After Mrs. Lynch’s speech, the video ended.

Having lived for more than 50 years, that was her first time appearing on a public platform.

However, she could not care less.

Her daughter had suffered enough, and as a mother, she refused to hold it in anymore.

As it happened, it was now the next morning. Everyone in Australia was aware of the conflict on the Internet.

Even the office workers were discussing the matter regarding The Lodge at work.

“Hey. Did you guys watch the news regarding Ryan and Freya’s affair this morning?”

Once the question was raised, everyone in the office started to engage in the discussion.

“Everyone knows! Even my 70-year-old grandma knows about it. Look at my dark circles. You can tell that I didn’t sleep last night because I was following the matter.”

“It was even on the news this morning. My parents are following it as well.”

“So what do you think about the matter? Reporters were interviewing Freya’s mom just now. Have you watched it?”

“I have. Say, was that the Lynch family’s first public appearance? Freya’s parents didn’t even make an appearance when she was divorced. They must be really pissed this time.”

“It’s understandable. If my daughter had been bullied like this, I would be mad too.”

“Hey, Freya’s mom said that Rodney accused Freya of plagiarism. What actually happened?”

“I have a vague memory of it. A few years ago, Freya was said to have seduced Sarah’s brother, and all the netizens attacked Freya at that time. Not long after, she was accused of plagiarizing someone’s work in inventing her product, and then she was forced out of the cosmetic industry.”

“I remember it now. I think I’ve watched her interview before. Later, she had no choice but to move out of the country. When she came back, she became the youngest cosmetic chemist by showing others what she was made of. She used her ability to prove herself innocent of the crime.”

“From what her mom said, was Rodney the one who deliberately accused her?”

“That’s possible. I heard Freya worked in Osher some years ago.”

“D**n. How unlucky of Freya to have married Rodney after that.”

“When Sarah was sentenced to j**l, Freya claimed that Thomas drugged her. That was why she ended up sleeping with Rodney, getting pregnant, and marrying him. Women are always at a disadvantage in this aspect.”

“In this case, she’s quite sad.”


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