Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2416

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2416 – [Haha. Touching one’s head is normal, huh? Anyway, I find it flirtatious. What Ryan said might not be true.]

[That’s not surprising. Freya’s husband cheated on her at that time, so isn’t it normal for Ryan to touch her head to comfort her?]

[By touching Freya’s head, Ryan must have had feelings for her. However, it’s not clear whether they have been having an affair since last year. Think about it. If there was something between them, why would Rodney post a recent video of the two of them kissing and a photo of Ryan touching Freya’s head, which was taken last year? He’s clearly trying to muddy the waters. Also, didn’t all of you notice that the time isn’t indicated on the video and photo? How cunning of Rodney.]

[Although I don’t quite know what is happening between Ryan and Freya, Rodney isn’t any better. Does he think there’s no record on the Internet? Does he think the netizens have forgotten about it? Now that time has passed, he’s trying to make himself look pitiful. If he were a responsible husband, he shouldn’t have taken in his ex-girlfriend, Sarah, and even arranged a house for her to stay in.]

[That’s true. When he was drunk, his friend didn’t send him back to his wife but Sarah. Haha. What does that show? It shows that even his best friend was aware that he loved Sarah more.]

[Look at his post. He doesn’t seem to realize his mistakes. This shows that he’s an extremely selfish person.]


The netizens were having a heated debate.

Some were criticizing Ryan, whereas some were criticizing Rodney. Some also criticized Freya.

The comments on the Internet were no longer the same as before, where everyone supported Freya and Ryan.

In The Lodge, Ryan was awake the entire night.

As soon as he saw Rodney speak up, he got his secretary to gather the data on the Internet.

“Little Young Master Snow, after looking at the data, we found that Rodney has hired some Internet ghostwriters to comment. Although the majority of the netizens are rational enough not to believe Rodney wholeheartedly, some people are starting to doubt your words. Once the Internet is bombarded with comments again in the morning, more people might buy into those Internet ghostwriters’ words and take Rodney’s side.”

The secretary said furiously, “Rodney really is shameless. He was mostly slandering you and The Lodge. Has the prime minister or the first lady ever made things difficult for him when he came? He was the one who didn’t want to spend time with his child, yet he put the blame on you.”

Ryan crossed his arms on the table. Then, he stared at Freya’s photo on his phone silently.

He never thought that Rodney would have such good memory.

Rodney actually captured the moment Ryan touched Freya’s head in public, which was the only time Ryan did so.

With that, Ryan’s assistant asked carefully, “Should we hire some Internet ghostwriters, too?”

“Yes, of course. But we still need evidence to show the netizens that Rodney is lying.”

Ryan lifted his eyes. “Did he say that The Lodge didn’t allow him to visit his child? Go and search for the surveillance footage in The Lodge. Every time he came, he would always take Dani to the garden, so there must be evidence of it. Also, this photo was taken when Freya, Rodney, and I attended a banquet. Go, download the whole video and show everyone what happened between Freya and me back then. As for the video Rodney posted…”


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