Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2415

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2415 – [Anyone can write a post, including me.

[I had never thought of divorcing Freya. Indeed, it was foolish of me to have been deceived by Sarah, but I only found her pitiful at that time. I was always very clear about my love for Freya, but your frequent contact with her triggered me. It was because I was sent to Sarah’s place, drunk, the other day that I accidentally slept with her.

[I was fully clothed when I woke up the next day, so I didn’t know I did something wrong. That was why Sarah got pregnant.

[I pleaded with Freya not to get a divorce with me as I didn’t want to lose my wife and child.

[Ryan was the one who came and forced me to get a divorce. He and my biological sister even banded together to kick me out of Snow Corporation. That way, I would be left with nothing and could no longer turn against him. I had no choice but to get a divorce and watch my wife and son leave me for someone else.

[The child is mine. Who wouldn’t like her?

[However, some people keep stopping me from visiting my daughter in The Lodge. This has made my relationship with my daughter very distant.

[All I want is to remind some people to stop driving me into a corner with their identity.

[Back then, I kept it to myself for the sake of my child. But now that I’ve been forced into a corner, I refuse to endure it anymore. I have nothing left anyway.]

At the end of the post, Ryan even attached a video and a photo.

The video was taken at a restaurant entrance where Freya and Ryan walked out with their arms wrapped around each other. At times, Ryan lowered his head and kissed the woman in his arms.

The photo, on the other hand, was taken at a party where Ryan and Freya stood together. Freya’s head was lowered, and Ryan was caressing her head with a gentle gaze.

When the netizens watching the drama saw that the other party had shown up, they immediately came to live on the Internet again.

Many netizens had different viewpoints on the issue.

[So is this video evidence of Freya having an affair with Ryan when she was married? By the look of things, the two of them are really disgusting.]

[This is the summary of Rodney’s message. Firstly, what Ryan said is false. Freya had been flirting with Ryan and even cheated on Rodney when she was married to the latter. Secondly, Ryan snatched his cousin’s wife using his identity as the prime minister’s son and even banded with his cousin to suppress Rodney. Thirdly, the prime minister’s family forbade Rodney from seeing his daughter. Fourthly, Rodney didn’t want to divorce Freya as he loved her, but he was forced to.]

[In this case, Rodney does seem quite pitiful. I heard he was supposed to be the successor of Snow Corporation, but he was somehow kicked out of the company later on. It turns out that Ryan was the one stirring up trouble behind the scenes. If I were Rodney, I would surely be pissed off. The world of the rich really is complicated.]

[Please. The previous commenter, please open your eyes wide and look carefully. Didn’t you notice how thin and small Freya looked in the video? Also, her hair was long and dyed. Her look in the video is similar to a recent photo of her. Obviously, this is a recent video. However, Freya looked plumpish in the photo, and her hair was shoulder-length. It seems like the photo was taken when she was divorced.]

[The previous commenter is right. As Ryan said, he’s in a relationship with Freya. So even if this happened recently, it’s natural for them to act intimate with each other.]

[Even if the video was recorded recently, the photo couldn’t have been fake. You can tell from the photo itself that the two of them were flirting with each other. Ryan’s gaze, in particular, shows it all. Freya must have known. The two of them must’ve had feelings for each other since a long time ago.]

[Please. Didn’t you see Freya’s lowered head? How could she have caught Ryan’s gaze? What’s more, Ryan has admitted that he has long since fallen for Freya. Isn’t it normal to look at someone you love with a gentle gaze?]


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