Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2414

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2414 – At first, Rodney was not worried about Jessica finding him because, even if she did, he could assist Minister O’Connell. However… everything was different now.

He quickly said, “Minister O’Connell, you said you would protect me when I sought refuge with you. You shouldn’t go back on your word.”

Minister O’Connell laughed. “I did say that, but Ryan and Freya’s relationship has been made public. I found out about it without needing you to tell me. The only useful thing you have so far is the photo of Ryan touching Freya’s head, which you might not be able to find. So, it’s not that useful.”

“But the situation right now is unclear.” Rodney said in a panic, “It’s true that many netizens are supporting them so far, but that’s because I haven’t spoken up. If I use the photo to stir up the situation, Ryan won’t have an easy time.”

Minister O’Connell went quiet for a few seconds before he raised his eyebrows. “Fine. I can hire a bunch of Internet ghostwriters to work with you to stir up the situation. If you can get the better of Nathan and his son this time, I’ll have someone send you abroad.”

“All you’re going to do is send me abroad?” Rodney was discontented.

Then, Minister O’Connell said nonchalantly, “We haven’t had the upper hand in this battle since the moment Ryan made a move. You plan to take advantage of me, but your hopes of getting back Snow Corporation have come to naught. Your sister’s people are keeping watch outside. Rodney, I’m making you look good by sending you abroad safely.”

With that, Minister O’Connell turned around and headed upstairs.

After he entered the room, his assistant walked up to him. “Will Rodney’s trick help?”

“Rodney is a lunatic. He won’t be satisfied until he does something to Freya and Ryan. Let’s watch the Snow family have a fall out within themselves.” After that, Minister O’Connell smiled calmly. “I didn’t do anything anyway.”

His assistant immediately understood. “In that case, should I arrange for someone to send Rodney away?”

“Didn’t you hear what he said? For someone like him… it’s risky to send him away. Considering that he grew up in the Snow family, he knows of too many things. Who knows if he’ll do anything outrageous?” Minister O’Connell narrowed his cold eyes. “There’s no need to send him away safely. The Snow family should thank me for dealing with their son this time.”

His assistant nodded. “I got it.”


That night, all the young netizens in Australia did not sleep.

Everyone was focused on the prime minister’s son’s love affair.

After Eliza and Catherine spoke up, more celebrities and public figures gave their support to Ryan and Freya.

When it was almost daybreak, Rodney, who was involved in the subject, spoke up. [Haha. What a touching love affair. Having said that, both of you shouldn’t use other people’s support to justify your relationship. I didn’t want to speak up at first, but someone said I was having an affair while in a marriage. Is it only through this way that you can legitimate your relationship?

[That’s not the case at all. Ryan, you’ve been coveting your sister-in-law for a very long time. You had warned me privately over and over again, yet all I could do was watch you both secretly get closer to each other day by day.


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