Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2401

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2401 – Ryan said indifferently, “If you’re unwilling, forget it. Besides, Freya might not want to announce our relationship to the public anyway. After all, Mom met Freya today and talked to her. Well, Mom is quite skillful. She immediately made Freya waver, and we almost broke up.”

Nathan glanced at his wife suspiciously. He did not expect her to be so skillful.

Unfortunately, Rodney just had to butt in.

Nathan felt his head ache. “Let me think this through.”

“You don’t have to think about it.” Heidi said calmly, “Ryan, do as you wish. After this… I don’t wish to see Rodney in Australia anymore. Also… Don’t give him the chance to stage his comeback again.”

Nathan was shocked, and his lips moved.

“Nathan, Rodney isn’t stupid. If he is, how could he have established Osher Corporation? He hates our son and Freya, so I’m 90 percent sure that he’ll bite us back. But no matter whether he’ll bite us back or not, he has to be eliminated.”

Heidi said expressionlessly, “Your plan to send him overseas and start over in another country won’t work anymore. From now on, all you can do is ensure that he’s a useless person who won’t d*e of hunger.”

With a frown, Nathan let out a long sigh. “My brother and the others will surely…”

“His son has turned bad, and we can’t allow him to go on like this. Not to mention, Rodney is even hitting women now. Perhaps Freya will get beaten to d***h one day if she is alone.”

Heidi was decisive. “Ryan, you shouldn’t look for Freya too. Get a team, discuss, and announce your relationship with Freya before 11:00 p.m. today. Freya is an indecisive person. If you have to wait for her approval, discuss it with her, and persuade her, we might have to delay the matter till tomorrow. if If I were Senator O’Connell, I wouldn’t give you that chance to.”

Ryan was stunned. After a short moment, he stammered, “Freya will definitely be furious if we don’t get her approval beforehand.”

Heidi gave her son a helpless glance. He was an intelligent person, but why was he so senseless when it came to love?

“She’s not unreasonable. She’ll understand.”

“I’ll work on it now, Mom.”

After Ryan left, Nathan said resignedly, “It seems like you’re supportive of our son being with Freya.”

“I didn’t at first, but we have no choice now,” Heidi said as she shook her head. “Besides, they’re merely dating. It’s not for sure whether they’ll get married, so we shouldn’t worry too much. Maybe they’ll break up on their own.”


Nathan was speechless. He said, “What if they do get married?”

“So be it.” Heidi glanced at her husband. “I was bothered by it before because I was afraid troubles would arise if they insist on being together. Now that their relationship is about to go public, there’ll be two possible outcomes if they can persevere until the end. One is that the public will support them, and two is that they’re so in love with each other that they don’t care about others’ opinions. Nothing and no one will be able to separate them. If so, why should we make an unnecessary move?”


Heidi had a point there, and Nathan could not refute her at all.

10:00 p.m.

Just as Freya was about to sleep, Mrs. Lynch came upstairs. “Why don’t I s********h Dani tonight since your arm is hurt?”

“You have poor sleep quality anyway.Dani will only disturb your sleep. Besides, it’s just a minor injury.”

Freya placed Dani on the bed.

Dani immediately started crawling on the bed happily.

Mrs. Lynch watched Dani’s expression that was free of worries. Then, she thought of the child’s father and sighed. “By the way, your arm is injured. Why hasn’t Ryan come over to visit you? Has he called you to ask about your condition yet?”

Speaking of that, Freya felt uncomfortable.

Although it was a minor injury, Ryan would come over no matter how busy he was in the past. However, that day… He did not even call.

He must have known that she was hurt. The two bodyguards would surely have told him.


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