Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2385

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2385 – “When did you owe her anything?” Nathan was confused.

Jessica’s fingers tightened their grip. “Did you forget? I was the one who switched Freya’s contraceptives back then. If it weren’t for that, she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant nor joined the Snow family.”

Nathan was quiet.

If Jessica had not mentioned it, he would have almost forgotten about it.

“Jessica, this isn’t your style of doing things, though?” In Nathan’s memories, his niece was a decisive and ruthless person to who he even felt inferior.

If Nathan were standing face-to-face with Jessica at that moment, he would have seen her sarcastic expression. “Uncle Nathan, do you and the members of the Snow family think that I should be numb and emotionless after doing so many despicable things? That I won’t feel guilt or sympathy just like a robot?”

“That’s not what I meant-“

“Don’t deny it in such a rush. I’ve never uttered a word of pain all these years, so all of you have a certain impression of me. I know that if a woman doesn’t have strong capabilities in a place like the Snow family, she’ll end up being manipulated by others. Once I resist, I’ll be carrying the shackles of betraying the Snow family. It’s as if I won’t be what I am today without the Snow family.”

Nathan was at a loss for words. His face felt slightly heated.

He was attacked with that matter once again on the same day.

First, it was his son, then his wife. Now, it was his niece.

Jessica continued, “I admit that the Snow family did spend a lot of effort on me. I enjoyed the position of the eldest young lady and a worry-free life since I was young. My starting point in life was higher than other people’s since I was born. Therefore, I’ve been trying my best to give back to the Snow family for as long as I can remember. I’ve given back enough after all these years. Now, I have my own ideas. I’m not obligated to keep obeying all of you unconditionally.”

“Alright, Jessica.” Blood was boiling in Nathan’s chest. “Have you ever considered that Snow Corporation wouldn’t be so successful in Australia if it weren’t for my support behind the scenes?”

“Uncle Nathan, do you think you can be re-elected without Snow Corporation? Will the elites in your team obey you?”

Jessica reminded him out of kindness, saying, “Things like money may seem tacky sometimes, but many matters are related to money. We’ve always been working together. No one has been relying on the other one-sidedly.”

“Haha. Very well, Jessica. I didn’t expect this.” Ever since Nathan assumed his position, it had been a long time since he was provoked by a junior this way.

“Uncle, I’m willing to help Ryan not just because he aided me in assuming this position in Snow Corporation but also because he understands me the most out of everyone in the Snow family. We’re not just family. We’re also confidants and best friends. This is my stand.”

Jessica hung up the call.

Nathan immediately slammed the phone on the table out of anger. The tempered glass on his phone even shattered.

Heidi saw her husband’s dark expression after she came out of the shower. According to her experience, Nathan was most probably outraged. She guessed that his conversation with Jessica did not go well.

Sure enough, Nathan pointed at his phone and started complaining to her, “Jessica is all grown up now. She doesn’t respect me at all. She even threatened me. I haven’t stepped down from my position yet. Won’t it be worse after I step down?”

“Jessica isn’t an impolite person.”

Heidi patted some essence onto her face calmly. “Hubby, you should be more open-minded. It isn’t easy to be the prime minister. There are even many restraints. Haven’t you considered that not only can’t you afford to have a falling out with Jessica, but you can’t have a bad relationship with the top ten important businesses in Australia as well? Don’t you have to think of ways to make them increase their investments in Australia, create more job openings, and pay more taxes?”


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