Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2384

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2384 – “Forget it. Actually, you agreeing to it back then wasn’t very useful anyway. It was just to gain more support. Jessica had already obtained the support of Snowden and everyone on the board of directors. Your brother couldn’t even do anything. You should be relieved. Be it Jessica or Ryan, they’re both like students who have surpassed their teachers. Biological siblings in many families are always fighting with each other. Those who emerge victoriously are wolves, while those who rely on the support of their families are simply dogs.”

Nathan went silent.

However, he still believed that he could handle the youngsters.


After returning to the bedroom, Nathan gave Jessica a call. “Jessica, are you busy now?”

“I just had a meeting. I’m in the middle of a break now.” Jessica stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows with a cup of coffee in her hands while gazing at the foreign view overseas.

“You shouldn’t just think about work. You’re not young anymore. You should go on a date sometimes and get into a relationship. No matter how capable a woman is, you should still have someone to rely on,” Nathan said with concern.

What answered him was Jessica’s silence.

Upon noticing that, Nathan did not beat about the bush. “Jessica, you must’ve heard of Ryan and Freya’s matter, right? Your relationship with Ryan has been good all along. You should advise him. They’re really not suited-“

“But Ryan likes her a lot.”

“He’s inexperienced in relationships and just being impulsive. Feelings come and go very quickly. Maybe he’ll meet a better-looking person and fall in love again,” Nathan said helplessly. “That brat is all grown up. He won’t listen to your aunt and me. He even said you’re on his side. Jessica, I don’t believe that you’d be so muddle-headed.”

Jessica slowly spoke after remaining silent for a while, “Uncle, I owe Ryan a favor. Therefore, I won’t stop his actions. Moreover… is a divorced woman so disdainful? No wonder… I haven’t been able to get married all these years. The men pursuing me are either repulsive or those with ulterior motives. A truly good man wouldn’t fancy me at all.”

Nathan was stressed out upon hearing that. “Of course not. Jessica, you’re very nice. Who dares to look down on you? I’ll k**l that person. If you wish to get married, I’ll recommend a good partner. I know many outstanding young men.”

“Okay, Uncle Nathan. I want someone who has never been married before. He has to be tall, handsome, has good character, and has a well-off family background. I don’t want him to be a lot older than me, just two to three years at most. I don’t want him to be younger than me either.”


Although Nathan admitted that his niece was truly excellent and that she even inherited Snow Corporation, handsome men with decent family backgrounds and good character had already been snatched up by other wealthy families. Those of younger age were unacceptable, while older men were either married or engaged. Moreover, it had to be a man who was marrying for the first time. That… truly put Nathan in a difficult spot.

“Uncle Nathan, why aren’t you saying anything?” Jessica said in a disappointed voice. “I already know I couldn’t look for someone like that. My husband passed away when I was young, so I’m only qualified to look for substandard men. Even though I’m outstanding to my family and even if a man who’s getting married for the first time fancies me, his family will surely be against it.”

After feeling some discomfort in his heart, Nathan said, “Jessica, are you defending Freya by saying this?”

“Uncle, I’m a woman. Like Freya, I had a complicated marriage. Therefore, I won’t put her in a difficult position. Why can’t a divorced woman marry a good man who hasn’t gotten married before? Are we lacking compared to other people just because we were once in a marriage? I don’t think so.”

“I didn’t say you’re lacking compared to others.”

“Uncle Nathan, I won’t help you. Instead, I’ll work hard to make this happen because I owe Freya this.”


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