Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2382

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2382 – Nathan’s expression darkened instantly. “You…”

“That’s enough.” Heidi interrupted her husband and glanced at him. “Haven’t you guys decided the candidate to assign to Country X over the last few meetings? There’s only one last meeting left before it’s confirmed. If you suddenly change your mind and choose our son, it’ll raise the people’s dissatisfaction. I know what you’re thinking about, but you can’t make changes in some national affairs as you please. One wrong move might raise a commotion.”

“Aren’t you clear of Ryan’s ability?”‘ Nathan said after being refuted by his wife.

“He’s still young. It’s not a good thing to advance too quickly. Don’t you see how many people are envious of him?”

Nathan fell silent.

He knew his personality well. If it were not for Heidi compensating for his shortcomings all these years, he would not have been able to be in the position he is today.

“You’re speaking up a lot for Ryan today. Are you hoping for him and Freya to be together?” Nathan suddenly looked toward his wife.

“If I don’t speak up for him, am I supposed to allow Rodney to say that Ryan had an affair with Freya before she divorced Rodney?” Heidi rolled her eyes at her husband. “If you don’t refute the rumors, people will believe them the more it’s spoken of.”

“Mom, you’re wise.” Ryan gave a thumbs-up. “You were the one who educated me. How could I be so immoral?”

“How morally right are the things you’re doing now? Freya is the goddaughter that your dad and I acknowledged.” Heidi glared at Ryan angrily. “Ryan, I admit that Freya is a good child. I like her a lot, and I sympathize with her too. However, I don’t support the two of you together. For example, let’s say you have a son in the future. You have high hopes in him and have nurtured him attentively only for him to get together with a divorcee. Will you feel comfortable with that? That’s right. I’m selfish because you’re my son. I can’t possibly be so tolerant that I don’t mind anything.”

“Mom, I understand everything you said.” Ryan nodded. “However, it’s not so easy to keep calm and restrain my feelings. I restrained myself once before, but I couldn’t. I love Freya. I want to be with her. It’s that simple. If I can’t be with her, I’d rather stay single. I don’t know how long I’ll stay single either. It might be a few years, ten years, or even a lifetime.”

“Are you threatening us now?” Nathan was furious.

“Dad, I don’t need to threaten you. No matter how all of you stop me, I won’t give up on her. Do you wish to assign me to someplace far away to work? That won’t be a problem. I’ll resign.”

Ryan said honestly, “But I truly hope that my parents are reasonable people. So what if Freya is a divorcee? Who wishes to be one anyway? Why don’t you think who made her a divorcee? It was the Snow family. In order to get Rodney back on track, all of you pushed Freya into the firepit. We should be more honest and kind. You shouldn’t hurt Freya and then dislike her for being a divorcee.”

“It wasn’t us,” Nathan said with an unhappy expression. “It was your uncle’s family.”

“But didn’t you take Freya in as your goddaughter back then because you wanted to help them?” Ryan said, “To be honest, I don’t think Freya loved Rodney a lot. She got pregnant because she was set up, and she was forced into marriage. After giving birth to the child, she thought about giving the child a family and living her life properly. I see strength, optimism, and positivity in her. I can’t let go of such a good woman.”


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