Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2381

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2381 – “You… Are you really casting your career aside for a woman?” Nathan was exasperated.

“Didn’t you say my career is stained because of a woman? If so, I can escape the rat race. There’s nothing bad about that.” Ryan rested his hands on the back of his head lazily.

“You wish.”

Then, Nathan thought of something. Now that he had an idea, his tone was not that cold anymore. “You’re still young, and men should prioritize their careers. Coincidentally, I was considering assigning you to Country X to be an ambassador some time ago. You, too, are aware that the position in Country X is in high demand. Many people are eyeing it. This is a good opportunity. You have the experience from working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs anyway.”

Ryan gave his father a side glance. He found it funny that his father, who was utterly furious just a moment ago, was smiling so kindly. Did his father think of him as a three-year-old child who could be easily fooled? “Dad, I was just complaining about having little time for dating, yet you’re now assigning me overseas. It’s Country X at that as well. It takes more than ten hours to get there with a connecting flight. I think I won’t have the chance to go on a date for a few years.”

“Didn’t you say yourself that you both are still young? I believe Freya is a smart woman. She won’t hold you back.”

Nathan took his time and said, “If time and distance can ruin a relationship, it simply means that your relationship isn’t worth anything.”

“Dad, you’re amazing. You’re even using such aggressive methods now.” Ryan sighed. “Who was the one who kept urging me to get married some time back and told me that I must get married within this year? It seems like you’re not in a rush now.”

“After giving it some thought, I feel that relationships shouldn’t be rushed,” Nathan said earnestly.

The corners of Ryan’s mouth twitched. “I’m sorry, Dad. I won’t go.”

“Are you crazy? Do you know how good of an opportunity this is?” Nathan’s body straightened out of anger. “Just because of a woman?”

“Yes, just because of a woman. I finally managed to be with her, and you’re assigning me overseas in the name of ‘great love can survive long distances’? However, I’m aware of your plan. You’re hoping that time and distance will break Freya and me up.”

Ryan came straight and pointed out sharply. “We just started dating not long ago. How can I bet on her being willing to wait for me? I don’t have that much of a charm. Besides, don’t two people come together to become each other’s support? If I abandon her here and make her wait for me for a few years, why will she, a woman who’s been hurt by past relationships, believe me?”

“That can only prove that your relationship is nothing more than this.” Nathan harrumphed. “It’s not worth it.”

“Oh, yes. You and Mom have a good relationship. Why don’t you go overseas to work for a few years or more than ten years to see if you can feel assured of Mom, or Mom can feel assured of you,” Ryan said sarcastically.

Heidi raised her eyebrows in amusement while Nathan said weakly, “Your mom and I have been married for tens of years. Besides, I’m the prime minister. We’re a single unit. Your mom and I will never separate.”

“You aren’t that willing when it comes to yourself.” Ryan laughed. “Dad, aside from the relationship aspect, do you think it’s really fine for a young person like me to be the ambassador of Country X? Won’t other people be jealous? Will I be able to convince the people? Aren’t you afraid others will say that you’re pulling strings for your son with your identity as the prime minister? Don’t put me in a difficult spot, okay? Don’t leave your son to suffer just to break a relationship.”


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