Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2377

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2377 – “Heidi, don’t speak to your brother-in-law and sister-in-law like that.” Old Master Snow said sternly, “We’re now talking about Ryan’s affair.”

“Alright, Dad. Let’s talk about Ryan’s affair, then.” Heidi nodded and sat up straight. “As a mother, I only wish my son to be happy and safe. I don’t have high expectations of him like you do. Even if he’s just an ordinary public servant, I’ll be content as long as he’s happy and safe. Perhaps he can climb to a higher position with his ability, and that’ll be gratifying for me as his mother. However, I won’t force my son to act according to my wish.”

Old Mater Snow’s expression shifted before he asked with a deep voice, “So do you think I’m wrong?”

“Heidi…” Nathan shot a threatening look at her and shook his head.

Heidi pretended as if she did not see it. “Dad, you’re quite a legend. One of your sons is a business prodigy, while the other is the prime minister. What else are you not content with? Even hundreds of years later, you have not let down the Snow family’s ancestors. If you’re dissatisfied, go ahead and force Ryan and Jessica if you could. I have no comment.”

Stung by her criticism, Old Master Snow felt bitter.

He felt that Heidi was satirizing him.

Everyone knew he still had a say in the Snow family because of his seniority, as well as Nathan and Jason.

In fact, Jessica was often away on business, and when she returned, she would hardly speak to Old Master Snow. She would not tell him anything related to the company’s matters.

As such, how could he influence his granddaughter’s thoughts?

He would not be able to influence Ryan as well unless Nathan forced the latter.

Nathan could sense Old Master Snow’s embarrassment, so he promptly said, “The point of our discussion today isn’t Ryan’s prospects but Freya and Ryan’s affair.”

“Right. How are you going to deal with it?” Old Master Snow nodded and resumed his domineering style.

“Dad, Nathan and I will settle it.” Heidi said casually, “They’re merely in a relationship. They’re not getting married.”

Disgusted, Old Master Snow sneered, “So am I supposed to be told about it only when he’s getting married?”

“Dad, Heidi didn’t mean it…” Nathan quickly comforted him.

Old Master Snow said in a fit of fury, “I think she has had absolutely no regard for me ever since she became the prime minister’s wife. Without the Snow family, would she have been able to achieve that identity? Why doesn’t she think about that?”

“Right. Everything is given by the Snow family. When I got married to Nathan, didn’t the Llyod family contribute anything? I usually go around socializing, drifting along through my life, and that is all thanks to the Snow family and your son.”

“You…” Old Master Snow glowered at her with hatred, feeling utterly humiliated.

“Heidi, apologize to Dad now.” Nathan shot a look at her. He did not expect things to escalate to that stage.

“Dad, I have a lot on my plate. I need to get up early tomorrow to meet the first lady of Country F, so I’ll take my leave first.”

Heidi glanced at the time before she turned on her heel and left.

“Mom, wait for me.” Upon noticing the situation, Ryan promptly went after her.

“Dad, I’ll advise her.” Nathan scurried away too.

“You guys…You guys…” Old Master Snow rapped the floor with the walking stick in exasperation.

Rodney said coldly, “Grandpa, they have no regard for you. I mean, one is the prime minister’s wife, while the other is the prime minister. The whole of Australia has to listen to them, so why do they need to listen to you?”


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