Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2375

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2375 – “Exactly.” Jason nodded. “Ryan, when did you… become like Rodney?”

“Don’t lump us together.”

Ryan’s indifferent tone was filled with disdain. “Dad, it’s true that the Snow family has nurtured me. However, you should know that ever since I graduated and started working for you, I wholeheartedly assisted you in becoming the prime minister. Especially during those few years when you were running for the position, I helped you to pull strings and suppress those who turned against you. Even when Senator Mead betrayed you, I personally instigated those on his side to revolt against him. You can’t focus on your own sacrifice and neglect my effort.”

At that moment, Nathan felt extremely embarrassed. “So that means I’ve been riding on your coattails, huh?”

“Dad, you said you wanted to train me while I serve as your secretary and that you’d appoint me a higher position later. But in fact, you appointed me this position only because you don’t have anyone trustworthy around you.”

Ryan countered calmly, “As my dad, you should know my ability the most. I can be successful regardless of whether I’m in politics, business, or other scenes. Honestly, did you ever ask me what my ambition was when I was studying? No, and I’ve never told you that I wanted to be a doctor either. Having said that, I know I had no right to have ambition since you wanted to be the prime minister. Before you became prime minister, I had no choice but to be your stepping stone.

“Then, after becoming the prime minister, you want me to follow in your footsteps and marry a woman who will benefit me. I’m a human, not a robot.”

Nathan was momentarily stunned before he said in a huff, “I’m not forcing you to be the prime minister. As a man, you should at least climb to the top. Now that you insist on getting together with Freya, your reputation will be in tatters. Do you know how grave the consequences will be if your political life is stained?”

“Stained?” Ryan was unbothered. “Am I having a mistress or an affair? Or am I involved with a married woman? No. I’m clean. How far I can go is proven through my ability. I don’t care even if I can’t climb any higher. Not everything will go as planned in life. I’m content as long as I try my best.”

“You know full well that you can go further if you follow the path I’ve paved for you,” Nathan said earnestly.

“Dad, sometimes, social status isn’t everything. Happiness matters too.”

Ryan looked into Nathan’s eyes. “Everyone’s happiness is different. You yearn for admiration and respect from others. Being in power makes you feel happy. A lot of other people out there are unlike you, yet they can live happily as well. Furthermore, not everyone admires your status. Plus, the more powerful you are, the more responsibilities you have.”

Surprisingly, Nathan was speechless.

No doubt, he was happy to be the prime minister. Nevertheless, he had to live cautiously every day. Every decision he made and every international confrontation he attended would make him grow a few more strands of gray hair.

“Enough. Stop arguing.”

All of a sudden, Heidi said wearily, “I understand everyone’s feelings. From an adult’s perspective, we don’t want Ryan to be with Freya because both their identities are a huge issue, and that will negatively impact the Snow family. However, it’s different when we consider the issue from the children’s standpoint. As Ryan said, he and Freya are both single, not related by blood, and around the same age. They only got in a relationship because they have feelings for each other. They didn’t cross the moral boundaries, so there’s no need for us to take the moral high ground to tell them off.”

“Everyone’s aware that you acknowledge my ex-wife as your goddaughter. If the news that the prime minister’s son has done such a thing spreads, it’ll bring a negative impact on our nation.” Rodney did not want to let it go. Why was he was utterly discredited, yet Ryan and Freya were fine?

“You know full well why we acknowledged Freya as our goddaughter. What’s more, their identity documents don’t show that they’re connected, so everyone knows that they’re not related by blood.”

Heidi rose to her feet and looked at Rodney composedly. “They’re merely in a relationship, not married. There’s no need for you to stir up trouble.”


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