Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2365

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2365 – Freya regretted it. If she had known this earlier, she would rather have left Dani fatherless and raised her alone. She should not have married Rodney, let alone accept him in order to provide Dani a complete family.

While hugging Freya, Ryan pursed his lips tightly.

His eyes flashed with remorse without her noticing it.

He made a false step tonight.

He wanted to announce his relationship with Freya via Rodney.

He was well aware of Freya’s cowardice. Although she loved him, she did not have the courage to announce their relationship.

In fact, he was afraid that if this situation persisted for too long, they might end up breaking up.

Nevertheless, he did not expect Rodney to be so insane. Were those words what one should say?

He used to think that Rodney became foolish all because of Sarah and that Rodney cared too much about his first love. Only now did it hit Ryan that Rodney had changed long ago.

Rodney was no longer the cousin and family member Ryan used to play with.

Rodney had become a selfish person. He had slowly started to turn evil.

As far as Ryan remembered, Rodney was not like this. He was optimistic, sincere, generous, and cheerful.

Perhaps the saying ‘If you lie down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas’ was true. Rodney had changed after being around Sarah for too long.

From now on, Ryan would not sympathize with Rodney anymore.

“This isn’t your fault. You chose to marry Rodney previously for Dani’s sake. Another reason was that you didn’t want to leave a stain on the Snow family as my dad was running for prime minister at that time. That was why you got married.”

Ryan’s eyes flashed with great pity.

The Snow family was the one who owed Freya.

“Oh yeah.”

All of a sudden, something crossed Freya’s mind. She began to panic. “Judging from Rodney’s personality, he’ll surely tell your parents about it now that he knows. The Snow family must’ve already learned about it…”

“Are you scared?” Ryan looked into her eyes.

Freya’s eyelashes fluttered. She lowered her head and bit her lip. “Actually, I don’t mind how the Snow family perceives me. But your parents treated me very well before this. If they learn that I seduced their son…”

“You’re wrong. You didn’t seduce me. I was the one who seduced you.” Ryan held her hands tightly. “Freya, I’ve told you before that I’ve been ready for this from the moment I expressed my love for you. I’m not scared. I believe that I can have their support, but this process won’t be smooth sailing. Obstacles are inevitable. I can guarantee that you won’t have to face those obstacles because I’ll be standing in front of you. You’ll only face something minor at most. I hope you’ll be bold for my sake, alright?”

Looking at his calm eyes, Freya was dazed.

Could she be bold?

She felt disinclined to experience the pain of being judged and criticized by the public again.


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