Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2364

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2364 – Ryan narrowed his eyes. He lifted his hand and grabbed hold of Rodney’s fist. Then, he warned him with a cold and low voice, “Watch your mouth.”

“Am I wrong to say that?” Rodney bellowed in rage, “When did both of you start getting together behind my back? Have you no shame? One is my cousin, while the other is my ex-wife. Both of you are my closest family members, yet you betrayed me.”

“We didn’t betray you. As you said, she’s your ex-wife. Now that you both are divorced, you have nothing to do with each other.”

Next to Rodney who was worked up, Ryan looked remarkably composed.

“Hah. Who knows if both of you got together before we divorced?” Rodney pointed at Freya, then at Ryan. “No wonder you couldn’t wait to divorce me back then. He even helped you to divorce me. Both of you have been in an affair since then! Do you take me for a fool? I’m indeed such an i***t to be cuckolded.”

His bellow grew louder. Initially, only the security guards of the restaurant surrounded them. Later, the passersby and even the customers in the restaurant crowded around.

Upon noticing more and more onlookers, Freya was anxious and ruffled. “Rodney, cut it out. There was nothing going on between Ryan and me at that time.”

“Nothing? But who was hugging and kissing you just now?” Rodney pointed at her face and sneered. “No wonder you would always secretly contact Ryan when we were married and he would touch your head. Freya, did you have to look for my cousin just because I couldn’t satisfy you? How could you be so shameless?”

“He’s insane. You should get in the car first.”

Ryan pulled the door open and pushed Freya, who was on the verge of tears from the criticisms, into the car.

“Why are you getting in the car? You dare to do it, yet you don’t dare to face the public, huh? Get out.”

Rodney dashed forward to drag Freya out of the car. “Freya, get out. Let me tell you that you don’t deserve to have my daughter. Return Dani to me. I surely won’t allow you shameless couple to be my daughter’s parents.”

“Are you done?” Ryan slammed the door shut and punched Rodney in the face. “It’s fine that you’re filthy, but don’t shift the blame to someone else. Freya and I only got in a relationship this year. We’re truly in love.”

“Truly in love? Who are you trying to deceive? Are you taking me for an i***t?”

Rodney lunged toward Ryan like a madman and fought with him. “Ryan, since you have the guts to fool around with my woman, I’ll ruin your reputation.”

“What a psycho.” Ryan pushed Rodney violently. Then, he pulled open the door of the car, hopped into the driver’s seat, and immediately locked the car.

“Open the door. Open it right now.” Rodney desperately hit the glass and knocked on the car.

Ryan could not be bothered about him. He started the car and left straight away.

Rodney was left behind.

Freya felt as though she was trapped in a nightmare. Besides rage, she was aggrieved and sad. She could not help but burst into tears.

Rodney’s appearance just now was awful and disgusting.

She could not get her head around it.

She was the one who was betrayed in the marriage. Just because she found a new boyfriend over time, he was pushing the blame to her.

He called her a despicable person…

He claimed that she cuckolded him…

It was as if she was really a despicable and wicked woman.

Even the onlookers around her were judging her as though she was d***y.

Freya could not help but recall the time she went into hiding after she was bullied by Thomas.

At this point, it seemed like she was reliving that moment.

Having nowhere to vent her frustration was particularly disappointing.

“Don’t cry. It’s my fault.”

Ryan parked his car somewhere and gently wrapped her into his arms.

Freya buried in his arms and wept. “What does it have to do with you… It was my mistake to not have recognized Rodney’s true character. I should never have married him.”


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