Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2361

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2361 – “Shoes?” Ryan raised his brows.

“What shoes?” “Sports shoes. I need a pair of lightweight sports shoes.”

Ryan said, “I can shop with you, but you need to pay for your shoes.”

Freya was dumbfounded. “You can’t even bear to buy me a pair of shoes? Are you strapped? It should be okay if I choose a pair of shoes costing a few hundred dollars, right?”

“You’re overthinking it. I’m not that strapped.”

Ryan snickered and said meaningfully, “I can pay for anything else you want to buy except for shoes. It’s not good to give your other half a pair of shoes, especially sports shoes. Once you wear sports shoes, you’ll run fast. What if you run away from me? I’ll be very pathetic.”

Freya was stunned for a long time before she came to her senses. She was slightly speechless. “Are you for real?”

“Yeah,” Ryan said, “This is the saying from the older generation. Anyway, I have a friend who gave his girlfriend a pair of shoes when they just got into a relationship, but they broke up shortly after. I didn’t believe it in the past, but now that I have a girlfriend whom I care about, I don’t want to take the risk.”


Freya curled her lips.

Considering how sweetly he spoke, how could she continue to force him?

If she messed things up, she might actually lose him. What should she do then?

“Don’t worry.” Ryan pinched the back of her hand and said in a tone that was sweet enough to d***n her, “After we get married, I can give you however many pairs of shoes you want.”

“Get married? That’s still a long way to go.” Freya deliberately let out a snort.

“I’ll wait no matter how far it is.”

He made another sweet comment that could d***n her.

Freya leaned forward to k**s him on the cheek. “Start driving.”

“Alright, President Lynch.”

Ryan fastened the seat belt obediently.

Freya curled up in the seat and laughed. She was always in a good mood when being with him.

“What do you want to eat?”

“I have no idea. Please suggest a place. If the place doesn’t serve good food, I’ll get even with you.”

After making the statement in a domineering manner, she took out her phone and called Mrs. Lynch to ask about Dani’s condition.

“Dani is well-behaved. She has just had some puree. It’s fine if you don’t want to come back for dinner. We can settle it.”

Freya was astonished. “Mom, I didn’t even say that I won’t be home for dinner.”

“If you’re coming home for dinner, why are you calling me at this hour?” Mrs. Lynch knew her daughter too well. “Go and have fun. I noticed that you’ve been heading home right after work. You don’t even go on a date. Are you planning to be single forever? Only when you hang out after work will you meet excellent men.”

Freya was at a loss for words. “Mom, that was because I wanted to spend more time with you and Dad. You’ve just come to Canberra for a short while, yet you started to dislike seeing me at home.”

“When I couldn’t see you in Melbourne, I missed you very badly. Now that I’ve come to Canberra, I’m worried to see that you don’t even have a date.”

“Okay. My heart is broken. I’m going to find a man to date.”

Freya hung up in a huff.

As her phone volume was loud, Ryan could hear what her mother said, especially in the quiet car. At that moment, he laughed gleefully.

“Your mom is interesting.”

“All the mothers in this world are pretty much the same. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Freya threw him a strange glance. “Look, you got jealous a few days ago even though I got home after work every day.”

“It was my fault.”

Ryan held her hand and kissed it.

About 20 minutes later, the car was parked in front of a restaurant.

Freya got out of the car and waited for him to park at the parking spot under the plane tree.

After Ryan turned off the engine, he was about to get out. His phone suddenly rang.

He tapped on the ‘answer’ button, and a voice rang out. “Young Master Snow, someone has been tailing you.”


“It should be Rodney. He’s been tailing you since you left Freycatheli. I didn’t call you because Ms. Lynch was in the car.”

“I got it.”

Ryan’s eyes slightly darkened.

When he got out of the car, he glanced backward before he walked forward to hold Freya’s hand. “Let’s go in.”


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