Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2356

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2356 – “Your mom has great taste.” Catherine clicked her tongue and said, “Honestly speaking, if you’re not with Ryan, Chase is indeed a good choice. Among Shaun’s friends, I actually admire Chase the most. Putting aside the fact that he speaks frivolously, he doesn’t put on airs and is quite approachable. More importantly, he was the only rational one among the four of them when faced with Sarah.”

“I know that very well.”

Freya nodded. After Shaun’s memory was rewritten through hypnosis, Chase was the only person who stood up for Catherine. Later, he was hardly even in touch with Rodney and the others.

If it had been any other man who felt that it was Rodney, Chester, and the others’ fault, he would have turned a blind eye to it to avoid offending them.

However, Chester did not do so, which showed that he had a sense of justice.

That was what Rodney, Shaun, and Chester lacked.

“I still remember when Rebecca and Cindy bullied us, Chase was the one who helped us.” Freya sighed. “If I hadn’t met Ryan, I would’ve considered Chase.”

Catherine rolled her eyes at Freya. “Don’t make it seem as though Chase will get in a relationship with you as long as you consider him. He has never seemed to express interest in you either. Do you see a difference between how he treats both of us?”

“Are you my best friend? Why are you upsetting me?”

Freya deliberately pinched Catherine, and the two of them burst into laughter.

It was only when Ryan called Freya did she stop laughing.

She took her phone and went to the corridor.

“That took you long to pick up my call,” Ryan said sulkily. “What are you up to?”

“I’m singing with Cathy and the others in the clubhouse.” As soon as Freya finished speaking, Chase’s singing voice sounded from inside.

“There’s a man, huh?” Ryan asked oddly. “He sings quite well.”

“Chase is the one singing.”

“Are you close with him?” Ryan’s tone deepened in spite of himself.

Freya did not think too much of it. “We’re alright.

Chase has helped us a few times when I was back in Melbourne.”

She said ‘we’, but Ryan heard ‘I’ instead.

“I chatted with him at noon. He’s quite cheerful, humorous, and good-looking.”

“Mm. Really?”

Freya thought that Ryan was genuinely praising Chase, so she went along with what he said.

“Freysie, come and sing. This song is a male-female duet. I can’t sing this alone.” Chase’s yell suddenly rang from the room.

“Oh, alright.”

Freya covered her phone and mumbled, “I’ll text you when I get home.”


She did not even notice that Ryan’s voice had deepened.

They sang until a little past 11 p.m.

Freya had some alcohol, so she was tipsy when she left. It was Forrest who took her into the car.

When Freya got in the car, Chase said with reluctance, “Freysie, come and join me next time. You have good tolerance of alcohol, and you sing well too.”

“Sure, no problem.”

Freya waved at him in a good mood.

Then, Chase got in Chester’s car as he planned to sleepover at Chester’s place.

“You seem quite close to Freya.” Chester had drunk some alcohol too. Seated beside Chase in the rear seat, he suddenly said, “Could you be interested in Freya? I noticed that Mr. Lynch and Mrs. Lynch were pretty hospitable to you today.”


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