Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2347

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2347 – After that, Ryan went downstairs to help Freya move her things.

Although Freya had only lived in the official residence for a few months, she had many things, especially Dani’s crib and toys…

After moving everything, it was already past 5:00 p.m.

Mrs. Lynch said enthusiastically, “Ryan, you’ve worked hard today. Stay back for dinner tonight. I’ll be cooking.”

“I’ll have to bother you and Mr. Lynch, then.” Ryan nodded with a smile.

When Freya came down after she finished unpacking the things upstairs, she saw Ryan and Mrs. Lynch chatting pleasantly in the kitchen.

Mrs. Lynch was frying a dish while Ryan was washing the vegetables. He was in charge of grating the g****r, peeling the garlic, and cutting the vegetables. He was also chatting with Mrs. Lynch, making her laugh from time to time.

“Wow, you’re so capable. You’re even better than Forrest and Freya.”

Mrs. Lynch said elatedly, “Ah, you’re so handsome, but why haven’t you gotten a girlfriend? Your future girlfriend will be so lucky.”

Ryan smiled shyly. “Those things can’t be rushed. Anyway, I’ll only get married when I meet the woman I love.”

“Tell me, what type of girls do you like?” Mrs. Lynch did not say that she would introduce someone to him. Ryan was the prime minister’s son. She would not overestimate herself and be a matchmaker.

“I don’t know how to put it into words. I think it can’t be described like this. If I really love her, I’ll like her even if she has a lot of shortcomings. Doesn’t loving someone mean loving everything about her?”

“That’s right. Your words are correct.” Mrs. Lynch had nothing but praises. “When I got together with Freya’s dad back then, her dad had many weak points. However, I still liked him. This type of relationship can last for a lifetime, unlike those who simply pursue beauty and youth. Those things will disappear.”

“I think so too, Mrs. Lynch.”

Freya had been eavesdropping behind the door.

She was speechless.

Utterly speechless.

She thought Ryan was too… scheming.

He won her mom over in just a short moment.

Was he the son-in-law all mother-in-laws liked as told in stories?

Not long after, Forrest returned too. He was surprised when he saw the scene in the kitchen. After being surprised, his expression was grim.

It was because he recalled drinking with Ryan last time. He got so drunk because Ryan kept making him drink. Something even happened between him and Jessica that was not supposed to happen.

Thinking about the last time… Forrest’s mood became bad.

However, Mr. Lynch did not notice it at all. He even told his son, “Go to the cellar and get a good bottle of wine. There’s a guest today, so wine can’t be absent.”


Forrest touched his forehead. He said with difficulty, “Dad, I think there’s no need for that. Ryan won’t be able to drive back home if he drinks…”

“Isn’t our chauffeur available? If that doesn’t work, it’s okay even if he sleeps in our home,”‘ Mr. Lynch said with a serious expression. “Forrest, why have you suddenly become so unthoughtful? A guest has come to our home. How can we not serve some wine? Whether the person drinks or not, we still have to put it out. Besides, Ryan’s family has helped us a lot. He even personally sent your sister over today and helped move her things. See? He’s even helping your mom in the kitchen now.”


Freya was speechless too. “…”

Mr. Lynch sighed. “I didn’t quite like the Snow family members before, but Ryan is an exception. The more I get to know him, the more I like him. Why wasn’t he the one who married Freya back then? Not only that, you two should learn from Ryan. He’s such a diligent child. Look at you two. You aren’t even willing to step inside the kitchen.”


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