Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2346

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2346 – When Freya lowered her gaze, she realized Ryan had put a diamond necklace around her neck.


“It’s a gift for you.” Ryan kissed her forehead. “I haven’t given you any presents even though we’ve dated for so long.”

“That’s not true. You always buy Dani gifts…”

“That doesn’t count. Buying presents for my daughter is natural. Buying them for you is also a matter of course.”

Freya was utterly touched. Dani was not Ryan’s daughter, but he still said those words…

He truly loved her.

However, she was so weak and timid.

“When do you plan on moving out? I’ll drive you to your new home,” Ryan said.

“I plan to move tomorrow. My parents will come to Canberra the day after tomorrow. We’ll be having a family dinner at night.”

“Mm. I’ll take the opportunity to stay back and have a meal when I send you over, okay?” Ryan cupped her face and asked.

“Don’t you have work in the evening?”

“I can leave a little earlier on Sunday evening.”

For the next two days, Freya was busy packing.

When Sunday evening arrived, Ryan got off work at 4:00 p.m. He came over to help her move her luggage into the van.

Aunty Loretta would go over to help take care of Dani for some time. After Mrs. Lynch got familiar with Dani, Aunty Loretta would return to the official residence. After all, she was the official residence’s employee.

The Lynch family’s villa was not far from the official residence if they went by the highway. They arrived after a 40-minute ride.

It was a villa area, and the neighborhood’s security was excellent.

When Freya reached her new home, Mr. Lynch and Mrs. Lynch had already arrived.

The Lynch family’s villa had three floors. Forrest would stay on the third floor, Freya the second, and the Lynch couple on the first.

There was also a huge playroom on the first floor with a lot of toys in it.

Dani fell in love with it once she entered.

Ryan moved Freya’s big luggage to the bedroom on the second floor. He noticed that Forrest treated his sister pretty well.

This room was probably the best bedroom in the villa. It faced the villa’s garden and was over 50 square meters. It even had a dressing room. There were also railings installed around the bed to prevent Dani from falling when she slept at night.

“Wow, this bedroom is so pretty.” Freya looked around. After coming to Canberra for so long, it was the first time she found a sense of belonging.

“Mm. It’s really nice and spacious. It can totally fit two people in the future.” Ryan nodded in agreement.

Freya rolled her eyes when she heard it. “What do you mean?”

Ryan blinked his eyes and said without changing his expression, “I mean, it’s enough for the two of us to stay in after we get married in the future.”

“Are you dreaming?”

Freya glared at him, her eyes turning into huge circles.

“I am dreaming,” Ryan said with a sense of sadness, “Ms. Lynch doesn’t want to get married now, so I can only dream of it. However, if I don’t even dream of it, I would be a scumbag.”

After all, were men who never thought of marriage and only wanted to fool around not scumbags?

Freya let out a harrumph. She had no words.


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