Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2329

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2329 – Catherine raised her head. As she gazed into the man’s gentle dark eyes, it was as if sweetness was overflowing in her heart.

Shaun lowered his head and looked at his wife’s sweet eyes. He could not resist kissing her lips.

“I can’t stand you two anymore. Stop bullying single people.”‘ Freya found it so cheesy that she covered her eyes.

“Come on, you’re not single.” Catherine teased her.

Just as she spoke, there was movement from the back of the cruise ship. Not long after, Ryan walked over. He wore a spotless white shirt with black pants. When matched with that young, supple, and handsome face of his, he was like a dashing gentleman. There was a smile on the corners of his mouth and a bright gleam in his narrow eyes. He looked as clean and clear as water.

For some reason, Freya found him particularly handsome that day. Although she thought Chester was good-looking just now, Ryan had the steadiness of a mature man and a brightness that Shaun and Chester did not.

Having him as her boyfriend gave her the confidence to be proud.

“Sorry for being late.” Ryan smiled. He naturally walked to Freya’s side and held her hand.

Everyone was taken aback, especially Chester. He did not know about Freya and Ryan, so he was surprised.

“Although you guys might already know, I’ll still formally introduce him to you…”

Freya cleared her throat. She held Ryan’s hand, feeling slightly embarrassed. “This is my boyfriend.”


Shaun extended his hand generously.

“Take care of our Freya properly.” Catherine winked.

“I will.” Ryan interlocked his fingers with Freya’s. He had a pleasant smile on his face.

Their relationship had been secretive and low-profile all along. Now, Freya finally brought him to meet her friends.

“I didn’t expect this.” Chester raised his glass, astonished.

No wonder Freya could be so indifferent toward Rodney’s repentance earlier.

Well, who would think about their bad past when there was a better person by their side?

Although Rodney and Chester had a good relationship before, Chester had to admit that Ryan was not simple. Ryan was young, yet he was already the prime minister’s secretary. His future potential would be limitless.

Since the opportunity had arisen, Chester did not mind making acquaintances with Ryan.

In the evening, Shaun sailed the cruise ship out to sea.

The cruise ship stopped when they arrived at an azure bay by an island.

The three men took fishing rods to the deck to fish.

The sunlight fell on the sea’s surface. The weather at the end of spring was slightly hot.

Three of them changed their shirts and pants for short sleeves and capri pants. That did not affect their looks at all. Their figures resembled those of supermodels.

When the women, who were sitting on the second floor and drinking wine, looked down, they found the scene particularly pleasing to the eye.

Especially Freya and Catherine.

Their gazes were set on their beloved significant others. It was as if there were sweet honey in their eyes.

Only Eliza was indifferent throughout. Her thoughts were all on the trial from this morning.

“I didn’t expect Ryan’s body to be pretty good.” Catherine chuckled as she swirled her glass of red wine. “I took a peek when he was changing just now. He even has abs, and he doesn’t have any flab.”

Freya was speechless.

“Why? Are you blaming me for taking a peek?” Catherine winked.

“I’m not that petty.” Freya rolled her eyes at her. “But you’re secretly looking at other men in front of Shaun. Aren’t you afraid of him getting jealous?”

“I took a peek in secret. I didn’t let anyone notice me. I definitely have to observe my best friend’s boyfriend properly. Who knows if he’s reliable or not?” Catherine grinned. “Here, let’s make a toast to Sarah’s d***h sentence.”

Glasses clinked in midair.

Freya asked, “When will the d***h sentence be executed?”


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