Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2325

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2325 – On the other hand, Eliza closed her eyes in agony.

The prosecutor stood up. “From Thomas’ words, it can be sufficiently proven that Sarah had the motive for m****r. Based on the words of Sarah’s ex-boyfriend, we know that her capability in hypnosis is exceptional. The last person Jennifer met was Sarah. Within half an hour after Sarah left, an accident happened to Jennifer and she passed away. We’ve consulted an expert psychologist as well. If Sarah had hypnotized Jennifer first, it was definitely possible to make Jennifer disoriented and d*e from a fall.”

“Nonsense. These are all your speculations!” Sarah shouted.

“Your Honor, this was Jennifer’s health report when she was alive. She was very healthy.” The prosecutor handed over a document. “There are also some examples of past cases where people used hypnosis to carry out m****r.”

After an hour-long trial, the judge finally gave a verdict for Sarah’s crimes. As Sarah had done too many evil acts in addition to m****r, the judge imposed a d***h sentence on her.

“I didn’t k**l anyone! I didn’t commit m****r! I’m being framed.” After Sarah heard it, she shouted in fear, “You’re all falsely accusing me. It’s the Snow family who wants me d**d. The court is helping the Snow…”

Seeing that Sarah’s words were becoming more absurd, a security guard quickly covered her mouth.

The judge’s expression was utterly awful. “This is ridiculous. Don’t you see the words ‘impartiality and integrity’ here below my table? You’ve done so many evil acts. The living, the deceased, and even animals weren’t spared from your deadly hands. Your schemes are cruel, and you even carried out illegal acts. The court will never release a person like you out into society to harm people again.”

After the judge spoke, he left the venue coldly with the court personnel.

In the public gallery, Eliza closed her eyes. Two trails of warm tears flowed under her sunglasses. Her hands that were clenched in tight fists rested on her knees. ‘Dad, Mom, I finally avenged you two.’

“This is great. Eliza, did you see that? Sarah was sentenced to d***h.” Freya hugged Catherine happily. Then, she gave Eliza a hug too. When she saw Eliza’s tears, she was stunned. “You…”

“I’m fine.” Eliza quickly wiped the tears on her face as if nothing had happened.

“No matter what, we’ve finally gotten our revenge.” Catherine smiled as she said, “We should have a proper celebration today.”

“Yes. A celebration is a must. I’ll be treating everyone today.” Freya was excited too. The truth to all the injustice she endured back then was revealed through Thomas’ mouth during the trial just now.

Many people scolded her for seducing Thomas back then, saying that she deserved to be beaten up.

Although her reputation had improved, some people who were still jealous of her refused to let go of the matter and repeatedly mentioned the past on the internet.

Now, it was finally all explained.

Freya never seduced Thomas. She did not climb into Rodney’s bed intentionally. She was set up by Sarah.

The trial gave her justice.

Besides, it was broadcasted live on the internet. Many people must have seen it as well.

“You don’t have to pay for the meal. I’ll treat you all.” Shaun circled Catherine’s waist. He was in a good mood too. “Why don’t we celebrate on my private cruise ship? The weather is nice today. We can go out to the sea and fish.”

“Go out to the sea? That’s great. I’m okay with it.” Freya was excited. She thought of a person. Maybe she could invite him too.

“I’m fine with it too.”‘ Eliza nodded. She was a celebrity, anyway. She would be in the center of attention anywhere she went. If they were on a private cruise ship, reporters would not follow her there.

“Okay. I’ll bring wine and food,” Chester spoke calmly with his hands in his pockets.

Eliza stiffened. She glanced at him calmly, suddenly feeling regret. She should not have agreed to go just now.

However, there was no chance to go back on her word now.


Not far away, Rodney watched in silence as they chatted and laughed. Even Chester, who had always been a cold person, was in a good mood. There was a faint smile on the corners of his mouth. Even Freya’s pretty, mixed-blood-like face had a bright smile on it.

Rodney had not seen Freya smiling so happily for a long time. It was as if there were bright little stars in her eyes.


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