Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2319

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2319 – “Hah. I helped Sarah?” Grady laughed in exasperation.

“I did that to teach that woman a lesson. Otherwise, why do you think the housekeeper told you about it? In fact, I was the one who bribed her. If not, why would Sarah happen to be in bed with me when you came over? Why did the reporters happen to come…”

“You fooled me.” Rodney tugged at Grady’s collars.

Grady snorted. “Please. I’m the second young master of Hamel Corporation. No other woman has ever dared to trick me. Since she tricked me and played with my feelings, I will put her through h**l. That woman even wanted to deceive me into giving her money so that she could return it to you. That’s just wishful thinking, and she’s greedy. You should thank me for exposing the woman’s true colors. If it weren’t for me, you would’ve been fooled by this woman forever.”

Rodney was so dumbfounded that he looked like he was frozen.

Grady poked Rodney’s chest pathetically. “Do you know how that woman described you in private? She claimed that you were bad in bed and couldn’t satisfy her. She even claimed that you were such a miser that you gave her a long face when she bought something. She even told me to take her out of Australia as soon as possible because she didn’t want to stay by your side and put on an act anymore.”

Rodney’s elegant, thin lips trembled from embarrassment and rage.

Hah. He was a miser?

Sarah would claim that she was strapped for money from time to time. Although Rodney found her extravagant with money, he would always give her money even if he was strapped. She would buy a purse costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, a necklace costing a few hundred thousand dollars, and a luxurious clothing brand every time. He never batted an eye, yet the woman belittled him behind his back.

After treating a woman well for over ten years, it hit him that he should have done that to a dog instead.

Beside him, Catherine curled her beautiful lips into a smirk and added. “Although I hate Sarah, some of her statements are right. Young Master Snow is a miser. Or else, why didn’t he pay child support after the divorce? Sigh.”

“That’s impossible.” Grady was stunned for a moment.

“Didn’t he spend 300 million dollars on Sarah three months into the marriage?”

“That’s a lot.” Catherine covered her lips in astonishment. Her pretty eyes were heavy with contempt. “I didn’t know that. I thought he treated all women the same way. After all, Young Master Snow has only given her daughter a few thousand dollars of clothes and toys after the divorce.”

“Enough. Drop it.”

Rodney could not bring himself to listen to it anymore.

His face was burning with shame. “I admit that I didn’t give Freya and Dani any alimony, but haven’t my parents given them enough? Even Dani owns Snow Corporation’s shares and is eligible for dividends every year. As for me, the few companies that I invested in are suffering losses…”

“Do Snow Corporation’s shares have anything to do with you?” Shaun frowned coldly. “That was the hard work of the Snow family elders. It wasn’t you but your dad who gave the shares to his granddaughter. You should ask yourself what you’ve given to Dani.”

“Exactly. Freya is kind. Although you’ve never fulfilled your duty as a father, she has never stripped you of your right to be addressed as a father.” Catherine made no pretense of speaking in a resentful tone, “You’re still trying to argue, huh? Is it that difficult to admit your mistakes?”

“Fine. It was all my fault. I realize my mistakes now. Okay?”

Rodney was trembling all over with his fists clenched in agony. During that time, not only had his mind been occupied with Sarah’s betrayal but his guilt toward Freya and Dani as well.

At the thought that he abandoned Freya, such a wonderful wife, and Dani, such an adorable daughter, for the sake of a b*tch like Sarah, he was so devastated that he felt like k*****g Sarah.

He really was blind.

How did he get fooled by Sarah over and over again?

Was there something wrong with his mind?


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