Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2313

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2313 – “Hah…”

Freya could not help but let out a sarcastic laugh.

100 million dollars, a villa, and a mansion… How generous of Rodney.

When Freya and Rodney got divorced, she had a child with her, yet he was very stingy.

Such a person deserved to be cuckolded and betrayed.

Nathan glowered at his wife in a huff. “What’s the point of saying these things?”

Heidi scoffed. “I just feel sorry for Freya. But if I must say, I think this is pure karma. If Rodney were a little nicer to Freya, he would not have ended up in this state.”

All the women in the world basically had the same perception of sc*mmy men, and Heidi was no exception.

Stung by Heidi’s words, Nathan was speechless. He lamented Rodney’s nasty behavior, wondering why he had such a foolish nephew.

Heidi snorted. “Well, luckily, it’s Jessica who inherited Snow Corporation. If the decision was made based on male chauvinists like you, Rodney would’ve taken over Snow Corporation. Perhaps he would’ve given Sarah more than 10 billion dollars for the divorce.”

“That is actually possible.” Ryan nodded and expressed his view. “As far as I know, Rodney took a sum of money to invest in Osher before this, so he probably didn’t have much cash flow. The most he had was 100 million dollars…”

“He definitely didn’t have 100 million dollars. Or else, why would he cheat your uncle’s money?” Heidi sneered. “How great he is.”

“He… only had so little money?” Freya was dumbfounded and upset at the same time. When she was married to him, she did not ask him exactly how much money he had. However, based on the way he spoke, he sounded as if he had at least a few billion dollars.

After hearing her words, Nathan’s expression turned grimmer.

Ryan tilted his head and explained to her, “He spent over 100 million dollars on his wedding with Sarah. Also, the dowry, Sarah’s surgery, and the medical costs all add up to an astronomical fee. Why else would Sarah’s face become so pretty and her hands functioning normally again so shortly after such a serious injury? Besides that, Rodney’s reputation has worsened after something happened to Osher. Unfortunately, he made a loss… on the projects he invested in. Anyhow, Sarah is just like an ATM. She usually enjoys shopping, buying jewelry, and taking part in charity events costing at least millions of dollars.”

Upon hearing that, Freya silently shifted her gaze to Dani in the cradle. She wondered how much Rodney had spent on his daughter since she was born.

Ever since the two of them were divorced, Rodney hardly returned to visit them. He only came with some milk powder, toys, and clothes each time.

He had never paid a penny for the alimony.

Perhaps he was worried that Freya would use up that little bit of her daughter’s alimony.

Fortunately, Dani’s grandparents were very generous to Freya. They had given her the Snow Corporation’s shares and Dani bank cards.

It was probably because they were aware of their son’s character.

If it were not for Jason and Wendy, Freya honestly felt there was no need for Rodney to meet Dani.

Nathan and Heidi noticed Freya’s gaze.

Probably knowing what she was thinking, they both sighed. Then, Nathan criticized, “Ryan, drop it. Let’s eat.”

It signified that the topic of conversation should come to an end.

Freya stopped questioning further.


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