Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2311

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2311 – The police officers were all stunned.

As the police of Canberra, they would take note of the few figures from the Snow family on TV and their phones.

From those photos, Rodney looked handsome. His attractive appearance and physique could easily beat any other young man in the entertainment circle.

However, who could believe now that the b****l man was once the most brilliant successor in the Snow family?

Indeed… This was terrifying.

“S-Save me.”

Sarah desperately crawled toward a police officer and tugged at the bottom of his trousers. Then, she passed out, no longer able to hold on.

The police officers were astounded. They called the ambulance and brought Rodney into the police car.

For Rodney, it was his second time entering the police station today.

Nevertheless, he was fully prepared. After getting in the car, he phoned his attorney and sorted out the payment.

At the police station, the commissioner’s head hurt as soon as he saw that Rodney was here again.

Rodney appeared nonchalant as he silently sat on the chair in the control room.

His mind was filled with the scene of him beating Sarah up violently in the villa just now.

He was not a violent man, except for the last time he misunderstood Freya for kidnapping Sarah and gave the former a vicious kick.

Since the incident, he had never beaten any woman.

However, he seemed to have gone insane today. It was a s though his violent disposition had been exposed.

Perhaps it was because he had been extremely stressed recently.

What was more, when he beat Sarah up, the scene of Sarah dropping to her knees, pleading with him, and even bowing at him had ruined everything great about his first love.

His wonderful first love turned out to be a hypocrite.

She was greedy, a bully, and a weakling.

After that, probably because kneeling did not work, Sarah started insulting him. She called him trash, useless, silly, and claimed that it served him right.

“Rodney, you were so stupid that you believed everything I said. Even if I didn’t cheat on you, other people would cheat on you one day. There are many other scheming women in this world. I’m not the only one.

“Don’t make it seem as if you’re very fond of Freya. If you were, how could I have easily seduced you?

“I was just casually seducing you that night, and you chose to be with me. I didn’t force you either.

“Even though I cheated on you, you can’t blame me because you’re trash. You can’t even fulfill my basic needs. If I didn’t go looking for another man out there, would I have to rely on myself forever?

“Go ahead and beat me up. Even if you beat me to d***h, you will never live a good life.

“Haha. Freya should thank me because I was the one who helped her escape from your devilish clutches.

“Stop beating me.

“Boo-hoo… Rodney, I beg you to let me go. I’m almost d***g. It hurts so much…

“Enough. I’m really going to d*e. Let me go, and I’ll never ever…

“Rodney, I’m going to kneel and beg you…”


Those voices repeatedly echoed in Rodney’s ear as if a devil was speaking.

In the end, Rodney’s eyes reddened, and tears slowly trickled down from his eyes.


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