Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2310

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2310 – Grady’s voice slowly faded as he was brought out of the villa.

He could still hear Sarah’s shrill screams from upstairs when he left.

“Get lost.” A bodyguard chased him out of the door and warned him viciously, “Our young master is tolerant enough to not k**l you out of respect for your family. Don’t test his limits anymore. After all, this is Australia. If you push him to his limits, he can make a person disappear no matter who that person is.”

After Grady was thrown on the ground, he stood up while scolding, “Wait. Just wait and see.”

Having warned them without much confidence, he ran away.

When those people were no longer in sight, the fear on Grady’s face disappeared. He took out his phone and called Catherine. “Miss Jones, I’ve put on a professional performance for your sake. Even the best male actor of the Oscars owes me an award.”

“You did well, best male actor, Grady Yeager.”

Catherine held back her laughter as she asked curiously, “You’re really giving your all. I heard of your act in the morning.”

“Right? In order to form a connection with the Costner family, I even sacrificed my body.” Grady said regretfully, “But please don’t expose my face in those videos.”

“Don’t worry. People will only see Young Master Yeager’s perfect body and great skills in bed. Your face will be blurred out,” Catherine teased. “You’ve helped me a lot this time, and I’ve spoken with Uncle Titus. The Costner family and Hamel Corporation will expand their collaboration in the future.”

“I’m relieved to hear that. By the way, can I leave now?” Grady said, “Rodney has seen through Sarah’s true nature. I even saw him dragging Sarah upstairs just now. Rodney must’ve been beating her up when I was running out.”

“Tsk tsk. I never thought Rodney would bear to hit his wonderful first love. I really wish I could go there and witness the scene with my own eyes,” Catherine said regretfully.

The corners of Grady’s mouth twitched. She really was Sheryl’s biological daughter. Sure enough, she was ruthless. “So what if Sarah was Rodney’s first love? He has been cuckolded. No man would be able to accept it. Moreover, Sarah was too good at exploiting him. They were only married for a short time, yet she had spent 300 million dollars of Rodney’s money. He told her to pay him back just now, but she didn’t want to give him a single penny. She even wanted to egg me into returning the money for her. Does she think all men in the world are idiots? She still has 100 million dollars in her pockets.”

“Sarah has been like that all along.” Catherine could imagine that scene, and her mood got even better the more she thought about it. “Young Master Yeager, you can’t leave yet. I still need you to act in two more scenes.”

“What scenes?”

“Call the police.” Catherine chuckled. “Your beloved woman is getting beaten up. You should still call the police to rescue her, right?”

“Why should I save her? Just let Rodney beat her to d***h. I think he is so angry that he has lost all rationality. He might really beat someone to d***h.”

“The Snow family won’t allow Rodney to k**l someone. Sarah will be half-d**d at most, but it’s pointless. I still need Sarah to continue irritating Rodney and make him completely disgusted with her.” Catherine sneered.

“Tsk. Miss Jones, I would never dare to offend you.”

Grady said with mixed feelings. After the call ended, he quickly called the police.

The police came very quickly. However, when they arrived at the scene, Sarah was already beaten unconscious. Her face was as swollen as a pig’s head, and she looked awful. A few of her teeth had fallen out, and a lot of her hair yanked off. There were wounds all over her body and back.

Rodney stood beside Sarah with a ferocious expression. His eyes were filled with frenzied hatred.


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