Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2309

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2309 – Sarah was furious and did not want to tolerate it any longer. “Have you spoken enough? I won’t give you the money. Didn’t you want an answer? Since I’ve given it to you, can you let us go now?”

She finally revealed her true colors, and Rodney completely saw through her.

That woman really did do it for the money.

Rodney kicked a chair in front of him out of anger. Then, he questioned again grimly, “Sarah, let me ask you this for the last time. You hurt me and deceived me. Are you really not going to return the money?”

“No. It’s written clearly in the agreement that this is my alimony after the divorce. Rodney, at any rate, it was my first marriage. For your second marriage, you had it good marrying me.” Having stopped pretending, Sarah said bluntly, “Besides, you made me lose the right to be a mother. It’s only natural that you should compensate me.”

“Was I the one who made you lose the right to be a mother? It was clearly-“

“Wasn’t it you who got me pregnant?” Sarah immediately interrupted him.

Rodney laughed in exasperation. “G*d knows how many men have used that lousy stomach of yours. How is it worth hundreds of millions of dollars? Don’t you have any sense of shame?”

“Rodney, how could you say such sc*mmy words?” Sarah looked like she was gravely hurt.

“S*cmmywords?” It was as if Rodney had heard a joke. He laughed until his eyes were red and his throat was hoarse.

After some time, when he was done laughing, he wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes. “Yes, I’m a sc*mbag. Did you just find out I’m one today? However, since you say so, I can’t disappoint you.”

His gaze gradually turned cold. “Beat them up. Beat them up until they d*e.”

He waved his hand after he spoke, and the tall bodyguards immediately surrounded them.

Sarah panicked. “You’re not keeping your word. Didn’t you say you’ll let us go after I give you an answer? Also, it’s illegal to hire people for attacks. The person beside me is the second young master of Hamel Corporation. If he sustains any injuries in Australia, be careful. It might cause conflicts between two countries if the issue escalates.”

“That’s right.” Grady quickly revealed a nervous expression. “Australia’s the one that invited businessmen from overseas to come over for investment. If something happens to me here, my family won’t let it pass. When the incident reaches the international news, who else would dare to come to Australia for investments in the future? Rodney, even if you want to go crazy, you should consider the Snow family.”

“Yes.” Sarah grabbed Grady’s arm tightly and begged pitifully, “Rodney, just let us go. I guarantee that I’ll leave Australia right away and never contact you ever again.”

“Let you go?” Having been deeply agitated, Rodney flew into a rage. “You deceived me so badly. I’ve lost everything, and you’re asking me to let you go? Well, who’ll let me off the hook then?”

He got angrier as he spoke and completely lost control.

As if he had gone mad, he then charged forward and kicked Sarah.

Sarah sprawled on the floor from the kick. Grady went over, wanting to help. However, a few bodyguards blocked him and dragged him out.

“Grady, save me…” Sarah was scared and kept moving toward Grady.

Nevertheless, Rodney would not give her any chances. He yanked Sarah’s hair and dragged her upstairs.

“Rodney, let her go.” Grady’s voice came from the door. “Sarah, hang in there. I’ll save you. I’ll get someone to save you immediately.”


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