Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2306

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2306 – Upon hearing Grady’s confident tone, Sarah was not too panicked anymore. “I just don’t want you to make a huge fuss of things because of me. Your family might resent me for that. Let’s stop talking and head to the airport first.”

Both of them went downstairs in a hurry.

When they stepped out of the elevator, Mr. Lake immediately went up to block them. “I just received Young Master Snow’s call. He said not to let you leave the villa with any items.”

“That’s ridiculous. We’re already divorced, and the whole villa is mine. What right does he have to stop me?” Sarah kept hinting at Aunty Celine with her eyes while she spoke.

Aunty Celine trembled and lowered her head to look at the floor as if she saw nothing.

Sarah was exasperated. “Grady, ignore him. Let’s go.”

The moment Grady pushed her wheelchair, Mr. Lake immediately stood right in front of them.

“Get lost.” Grady and Mr. Lake started shoving each other.

Sarah got more anxious as she watched and said impatiently, “Mr. Lake, you’re just a temporarily-hired butler. If you move aside immediately, I’ll give you a million dollars. That’s about a few years of salary for you.”

“How confident you are to order my person around with my money.” Rodney drove speedily and rushed over in a hurry. When he arrived at the door and heard Sarah’s words, his anger that finally quelled blew up again.

Especially when his gaze landed on Grady, he charged forward and slapped Sarah on the spot. “You b*tch. You even brought the homewrecker home.”

“How dare you hit me?”

Sarah had lost count of how many times Rodney had slapped her that night. Her face was burning with pain, and her head was buzzing from the slap. She flew off the handle and shouted, “Rodney, what right do you have to scold me? We’re divorced.”

“That’s right.” Grady immediately rushed over and stood in front of Sarah, which gave Sarah enough strength to rely on. “You two are already divorced and no longer husband and wife. I’m not a homewrecker either. Sarah and I love each other. We even regret not meeting each other earlier. Young Master Snow, I have never seen a man who still bosses his ex-wife even after a divorce. You’re too petty.”


Irritated, Rodney interrupted Grady. “Our proof of divorce was only granted this morning, and you two already slept together at noon. Don’t fool me like I’m an i***t. I’ve already investigated it. You two have been having frequent rendezvous at the hotel for the last two months and even used countless boxes of the hotel’s condoms. Besides… I even saw it at the scene today. You two must be very familiar with such disgusting acts.”

He got angrier as he spoke, “Sarah, you were the one who wanted to get married to me back then. I can’t control you from having an affair, but please don’t pretend and say you love me while you’re cheating on me. You even said some disgusting stuff when we got a divorce, such as you’d never forget me for the rest of your life. How much money have you scammed from me from the moment we got married until now? You’ve really exploited my guilt toward you to its fullest.”

“You won’t forget him for the rest of your life?” Grady suddenly frowned and looked at Sarah. “Sarah, didn’t you say I’m the only one you love?”

Right now, Sarah had to cling to the rich and powerful Grady no matter what. Hence, she quickly explained anxiously, “Grady, I never said that. He’s lying to get his assets back. Don’t you know my feelings for you?”

“I knew it. The one you love is me. How could you possibly love him?” Only then did Grady calm down and hold Sarah’s hand tight.

Rodney was shocked. He never expected Sarah would be so shameless just to please Grady.

“Very well, Sarah. I finally see your true nature.” He nodded. Flames of anger were burning in him. “You said you loved me and couldn’t forget me… You were lying to me all along, right? You only came back for my money and status. But now that you know that I’ve lost everything, you detest me, right?”

“Rodney, stop accusing me. You were the one who wanted a divorce. You don’t love me at all. You weren’t even willing to touch me after we got married. Don’t you hate me for my disabled legs? You didn’t even come home in the last two months. I, too, have normal s****l desires, okay?”

Sarah said with a tearful face, “Don’t think I don’t know that all you think of is Freya. You wanted to divorce me a long time ago. Look! You couldn’t wait to agree when I suggested a divorce. You don’t even love me. Do you expect me to be by your side and love you for my entire life? You’re too selfish.”


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