Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2303

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2303 – “…We got divorced.” Rodney said in a low voice, “We settled the procedures the day before yesterday. The proof of divorce has been granted.”

Wendy gasped. “Sarah can’t possibly have gotten a man just after she got a divorce. She must have had an affair long ago, since the marriage.”


Rodney kept silent as if he had tacitly admitted to it.

Wendy rubbed her chest, which was hurting from anger.

Jason was even angrier because he thought of the 50 million dollars. “So you gave Sarah all the money?”


“…» “How much money did you give her?” Wendy asked.


Jason narrowed his eyes. “You said you gave her 80 million dollars as alimony. Was it only 80 million dollars? Were there other things like houses or cars?”


Rodney remained quiet the entire time.

He was embarrassed to say that he had given Sarah 100 million dollars and even a few properties worth tens of millions of dollars.

He knew that Jason would beat him to d***h if he said it.

However, his silence was equivalent to tacitly admitting. Jason figured Rodney must have given more than 80 million dollars in cash and even unknown properties.

“Rodney, are you going to say it? Or do I have to investigate it myself?” Jason’s anger was nearing its limit.

“I gave her… 100 million dollars, the villa that we’re currently living in, and a villa and an apartment in the US…”

“Oh, Jason. I’m so angry that it hurts.” Wendy clutched her chest.

Jason was speechless.

If Wendy was so angry that it hurt, did it not hurt for him too?

He was in more agony.

Although that sum of money was not a big deal to the Snow family, the problem was that they were being played around like fools.

“Dad, Mom, I’m sorry.” Rodney could not hold back anymore. He, a man of over 30 years old, bawled with reddened eyes. “I’m sorry. I only found out today. If I had known about it earlier, I wouldn’t have given her a thing. I wouldn’t just let this pass.”

Wendy closed her eyes and smiled bitterly. “Don’t you understand? She has been fooling you since the start. You thought she loved you, but she didn’t. She only had eyes on your identity, money, and status. If not, why would she have broken up with you right after we disowned you back then? All that putting up an act with other people for you to advance further and return to the Snow family were all fake. She broke up with you because she looked down on you. After that, she only came back because she saw you had joined Snow Corporation and taken over a megaproject.

“You’re the one who’s stupid and naive to really believe Sarah. Do you think I haven’t seen all sorts of women before?”

“I bet she wouldn’t have gotten married to you at all if it were not for her being d********d and crippled. She could only cling to you and insist on having you marry her because she has no way to back out anymore.

“Now comes the second young master of the Hamel Corporation. I’ve heard of Hamel Corporation. It’s a big company in Country X and well-known throughout the world. Even if such a second young master isn’t the heir, he can get tens of millions of dollars in his life. What about you? What do you still have? Your dad and I didn’t leave anything for you, and Osher Corporation is in a bad situation. That’s why Sarah got a backup early on.

“She just wants to scam some money from you one last time before she flees.

“You’re really a fool. How did my fine son become so stupid?

“Just because of a liar, you broke off the proper marriage that your dad and I arranged for you.

“Great. Now everyone in Canberra knows that you’ve been cheated on and fooled.”

Every sentence of Wendy’s lashed on Rodney’s heart like a whip.


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