Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2290

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2290 – Freya was dumbfounded. “Employees shouldn’t badmouth their bosses, especially during working hours. However, being able to take up a supervisor’s position meant they’ve been working there for a long time, or they’ve been there since the establishment of the company. Rodney told them to get lost in the presence of so many people… This is too… petty of him.”

“Hasn’t he been petty all along?” Catherine said honestly.

“Yes. He’s petty in his private life, but he shouldn’t be like that for work. He’s the boss. Quarreling with employees in public is undignified. If it were me, I’d handle their mistake of chatting during working hours according to the company’s rules. Then, I’d wait for some time and make them leave only after I found new employees. Of course, if the said employees’ performance in work is outstanding, I won’t fire them.”

Freya said, “Although employees are our subordinates, they’re an independent entity. Everyone has pride.”

“You’re right.” Catherine smiled. “We understand the employees’ feelings because we’ve worked at the grassroots level before. We know that it’s difficult for everyone. However, Rodney has been high and mighty since he was born. He won’t be able to understand. As far as I know, he told the employees to get lost on that day itself and left a pile of messy work behind.”

Freya was astonished. “Osher Corporation’s development has been problematic from the start. The marketing department plays the most crucial role right now. He must be crazy to reshuffle his employees at this time.”

“Rodney isn’t crazy. He’s irrational.” Catherine shook her head. “Maybe he felt uncomfortable seeing you on the news. Think about it. The ex-wife he abandoned is so successful while he’s going downhill. The woman he has at home can’t even compare to a strand of your hair. People are scolding him for being stupid and blind all over the internet. He must’ve felt very annoyed. As he gets more annoyed, his attitude toward Sarah will worsen. Sarah doesn’t want to waste any more time on him too.”

“His childhood sweetheart has become meaningless to him.” Freya’s expression was filled with mockery. “With such a person as the leader, Osher Corporation no longer has the qualifications to be our opponent. By the way, do you want that employee?”

“Not only do I want him, but I’m also going to increase his salary and promote his position.”

A gleam flashed across Catherine’s eyes. “I want to make the senior managers of Osher Corporation who haven’t left jealous. That way, they’ll know for sure that the outside world needs talents like them. Moreover, their boss’ character and way of doing things have made them disappointed. It won’t be long until a wave of resignation letters appear in Osher Corporation. Without the support of excellent employees, Osher Corporation won’t be able to do anything.”

“Smart. That’s too smart of you.”

Freya was in utter admiration. “Cathy, your brain is so amazing.”

“I needed your corporation too. If you were worthless, Rodney would’ve clapped in joy when he divorced you.”


Catherine’s words… made Freya speechless.

Catherine patted Freya’s shoulder. “You and Tessa should finish developing the new product as soon as possible. By then, we’ll give Osher Corporation a k*****g blow.”

“…You have a point there.”

Freya had no mood to continue talking. She quickly went to work.

She focused on developing the newest product. By then, Rodney would discover he was being cheated on and his company was under a****k. Haha, that feeling would be f*cking satisfying.

In order to realize her goals as fast as possible, Freya concentrated her energy on her career. She did not really pay attention to the hot searches anymore.

The employees in the laboratory saw Freya’s serious attitude. They could not help but sigh. “Even at a time like this, Manager Lynch is still calm and working diligently. She doesn’t even care about what’s going on outside. She’s so amazing. If I had appeared on the hot searches and was being praised by everyone, I’d have a silly grin on my face even when I’m simply standing.”

“Ah, Manager Lynch has seen the world and experienced many ups and downs. She doesn’t care about fame and glory.”

“You have a point there. That’s a true researcher. We have to learn from Manager Lynch.”

Unknowingly, the employees in the laboratory were influenced by Freya. They even voluntarily worked extra hours.


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